Participatory Design: What makes it so useful?

Introduction Participatory Design, also known as co-design or co-operative design is a creative approach that attempts to actively involve the stakeholders and end-users in the design process to ensure that the eventual solution meets their needs and is usable. In cases where the users feel that the products they use force them to adapt to …

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Gamification for increasing user engagement

WHAT IS GAMIFICATION Gamification is the technique of implementing elements of game design into non-gaming settings to enhance user engagement with a product. While books and movies are various forms of entertainment, games are more participatory in nature. Games provide the players with the freedom to modify the story line, it makes them feel like …

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Design Critique : Instagram

Instagram is a popular application that is almost a decade old and whose mission has been letting people capture moments and instantly share them with the world. Over time, it has evolved as a platform that also helps people network, connect with friends, and find inspiration.