Gaze plot of pratt's website vs Tobii Pro Software: Enhancing the Undergraduate Desktop Experience Through Eye Tracking

Pratt Institute Undergraduate Desktop Study: Abstract The Pratt Institute is a leading art and design university that aims to provide students with the knowledge and tools to affect the world creatively for the better. One of most important parts of any university is its students. recently went through a site wide redesign and had … vs Tobii Pro Software: Enhancing the Undergraduate Desktop Experience Through Eye Tracking Read More »

Design Critique: Foundation Web3 (Browser Version)

Foundation is a responsive app that works as an ecosystem of trade, sale, and curation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). It can be connected with digital wallets to use the cryptocurrency Ethereum as payment for art-digital pieces. It also serves as a platform for artists to curate their art pieces including featured drops, worlds, and trending …

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Swoosh.Nike Branding

Design Critique: Swoosh.Nike

Swoosh.Nike is a new virtual space where everyone interested can collaborate in designing and owning the future of Nike’s digital products through blockchain. People can co-create, build collections, earn royalties, and trade virtual Nike products for digital fashion in web3. The platform promises to use its own NFTs as wearables to incentivize people’s individuality and …

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Design Critique: Bandcamp (iOS App)

Bandcamp is an online record store, music community, and streaming service known for supporting independent artists with favorable profit splits and flexible pricing options. It enables fans to purchase artists’ albums digitally and physically as vinyls, tapes, and CDs. The platform also hosts merchandise like shirts and hats. There are social features which allow fans …

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Design Critique: Data Is Plural (Website/Newsletter)

Introduction Data Is Plural is a website and a newsletter service published by Jeremy Singer-Vine that introduces interesting and novel datasets (and data visualizations corresponding to them) to the users. Subscripted users would receive emails about the new editions on a weekly basis and the website is accessible to all users. This critique analyzes both …

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Design Critique: Netflix

In 2022, Netflix achieved several notable successes. It brought its total subscriber base to over 200 million and released several successful original series and films and has continued to expand its footprint globally, launching in new markets and building its local content library. Behind these tremendous accomplishments lies elaborately built user experience design created by …

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Design Critique: MYmta App

The MYmta app is MTA’s official all-in-one app for subways, buses, LIRR, and Metro-North trains. It says the App is “designed for our customers based upon feedback directly from our customers,” and that it “provides a personalized experience across all transit services for daily commuters and tourists.” The app includes functions like trip planning, planned …

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