Is The Henry Ford Innovation Atlas intuitive and easy to navigate?

Overview The Henry Ford Innovation Atlas is a web-based mapping tool that aims to help users investigate factors affecting innovation and invention in the education system. It also provides solutions and resources to bridge these innovation gaps.  Client’s Goals Enhancing the usability of the tool Magnifying the discoverability of different features across the tool Through remote moderated usability …

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Design Critique: Carbon Health App (v. 1.8.76 iOS)

Screenshots compiled to one image to showcase Carbon Health app on ios three images side by side

A “Seamless” of sorts for healthcare, Carbon Health defines itself as a “modern, tech-enabled healthcare provider designed from the ground up to put patient-care first” (Carbon Health website). The company’s B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) business model works by offering technology solution to clinics around the U.S. and ultimately to consumers (patients) to help “deliver a uniquely seamless …

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Westbeth Moderated Usability Testing

Westbeth is a special yet complex building that is not only a work-live space for artists & art organizations but also a community hub that holds events & exhibitions for the public.

A Story of the Usability of Engram

Chapter 1: The Problem The Client Our client was Engram. Engram was founded by Priscilla Cancar. The Evaluators Our team was comprised of four graduate students enrolled in the Fall 2021 INF0644-03: Usability Theory and Practice course taught by Dr. Elena Villaespesa at the Pratt Institute School of Information in Brooklyn, New York. The Product …

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Champions of Universe

Universe is an IOS application that empowers users with the ability to create and publish their own websites in minutes. It is a dynamic platform with the main goal to give its users the ability to easily and quickly do what competitor platforms, like Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress, do- but this time on a mobile …

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Understanding a Younger’s Audience Interest in Attending Caribbean Cultural Events

Braata Productions Client: Braata Productions Team: Pratt Institute Role: User testing, qualitiative data analysis, mock ups, presentation Timeline: 2 Months Type: Desktop Braata Productions came to the Pratt Insititute’s Center for Digital Experiences to redesign their website with a focus on making the experience more consistent and more usable. Since Braata Productions in the past …

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Moderated User Testing: Braata Production

Client : Brataa Production My Role : UX Researcher Skills Applies: Moderated User Interviews – Analyzing Data Collection – Information Architecture – Recommendations Timeline : 2 months CLIENT Braata Productions Inc. is a non-profit Performing Arts Company focused on cultivating an environment in which Caribbean culture & heritage can be experienced by all members of …

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Evaluation Story: Braata Productions

The Client My research group was approached by Andrew Clarke of Braata Productions to help improve the user experience of his organization’s website. Braata Productions is a Caribbean arts and culture organization that hosts events and fundraisers to help promote everything the Caribbean has to offer here in NYC. Our Team For this usability study, …

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Analyzing the user behavior of The Museum of Contemporary Photography’s (MoCP) website for the redesign project

Website Analytics The research aims to collaborate with the redesign of the museum’s website. With the data analysis, we wanted to understand the behavior of the user of the Chicago area and outside Chicago within the current web to improve and generate engagement with the content online and show what the museum offers.  Goal 1: …

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Moderated User Test: AP World History Learning Experience With Efficient Teacher-Student Cooperation On The Engram Website

Overview Introduction Engram is a website aid for high school students in the AP World History course. This project is a study on the usability of Engram. The evaluators carried out this study utilizing remote moderated user testing. In this study, a total of nineteen usability problems were found. After evaluation, the evaluators summarized three …

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