Chatbots: Mobile UX of the future

Chatbots are taking the world by storm, it is one of the most talked about topics when it gets to latest Mobile trends.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is a messaging application, sometimes referred to as a conversational interface, designed to simplify complex predefined task(s). This task could be anything, ranging from functional to fun like managing your expenses, learning new languages, scheduling your meeting, find and picking up groceries and buying other things.… Continue Reading »

User Feedback, Is It The Only Criteria?


“Exploring Android Wear’s Usability Drawbacks and Why It Keeps Stumbling in a Fitness-Oriented Wearable Market,” an article by Daniel Marchena, Co-Host of the XDA/Android Podcast, where he explains some of the drawbacks in the usability of Android’s wearable technology. Wearable technology is a recent trend and the discussions on its usability is relatively new. Mr.… Continue Reading »

Tech Critique: is a somewhat new tool designed specifically for usability testing. Once you have an account, setup is a simple matter of downloading and installing Lookback, then launching the app and making a test recording. Audio, video and screen actions are recorded and, upon finishing a session, video files are uploaded to your Lookback account.

Once the recording has begun, the app runs in the background and is unobtrusive for testers.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Wodify (iOS App)

Wodify is a membership management and performance tracking system designed specifically for local CrossFit gyms (aka “boxes”) and its athletes. Apart from providing a comprehensive membership database, Wodify also allows owners of the gym to handle billing and payment, schedule and maintain classes. Athletes, on the other hand, can use its mobile application to check the workout of the day, register for a class, pay for their membership, record their performance and nutrition and compete with other athletes.… Continue Reading »

ROLI: Create Music as Playing LEGO

F.g.1 ROLI Blocks with full lighting which democratize music production

ROLI Blocks is a concept device which let people create their music as playing building blocks. Each module of ROLI blocks can be put together by magnetic force. Everyone can make music naturally through intuitive gestures on a touch-sensitive playing surface. The block could satisfy any budget, music technique and genre.… Continue Reading »

Dovetail – A Diary Study Tool

The logistics of setting up an effective platform for a diary study can be difficult. You need to provide an easily accessible means for participants to submit their entries, stick to the schedule outlined in your planning stage, and organize your results so you can quickly analyze the data. Dovetail, a free webapp released late last year, is a great option to consider next time you’re running a diary study.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique-NJ Transit (MyBus & Trip Planner)


The NJ Transit Mobile App provides an easy way to make travel plans, buy and display passes and tickets, and get transit information. Overall, the application is useful for most of users. But the first time I use this app, I feel like the application is not easy for me to use. This article aims to evaluate the “MyBus” and “Trip Planner” function in NJ Transit from a perspective of first time user and then provide a research strategy to improve it.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique – Swiggy [iOS App]


Swiggy is a food-delivery app providing seamless food ordering and delivery on-the-go in the Indian market currently. The user/customer is allowed to make a purchase of food through the app from the restaurants available and open near them (or atleast in the range of the delivery guy).

The branding is primarily focussed around the colour “orange” & their logo, which quite resembles the icon for a “location/delivery”.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: LinkedIn Profiles in “Edit” Mode

LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking tool, and the LinkedIn profile is a commonly-used, linkable online alternative for the traditional resume. The goal is to create and edit a “strong” profile that will generate interest in the user as a candidate for employers.


“Profile Strength” panel provides a good conceptual model

The “Profile Strength” indicator has understandability: it fills up (like water in a tank) as the user improves the effectiveness of their resume, and is reinforced by the accompaniment of a ranking term.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Mint (iOS app)

Mint is a personal financial program in which users can easily manage money and make their budgets. Users can link all of their accounts like different banks’ accounts and credit cards into this one program. It is a free money manager and financial tracker system. Mint has desktop, tablet and mobile versions The mobile iOS app has some positive and negative features..… Continue Reading »