Gaze plot of pratt's website vs Tobii Pro Software: Enhancing the Undergraduate Desktop Experience Through Eye Tracking

Pratt Institute Undergraduate Desktop Study: Abstract The Pratt Institute is a leading art and design university that aims to provide students with the knowledge and tools to affect the world creatively for the better. One of most important parts of any university is its students. recently went through a site wide redesign and had … vs Tobii Pro Software: Enhancing the Undergraduate Desktop Experience Through Eye Tracking Read More »

Design Critique: The Pattern

The Pattern, an astrology mobile application available to both IOS and Android users. Generates personalized profile of users, offering insights to various personality traits and notable timing; aimed at helping users understand themselves and others. You may add friends to learn more about their personalities, their timing, and relationship dynamics. 1. Create an account While …

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Design Critique: Etsy

Etsy is a popular e-commerce company that has huge collections of unique products. It’s an enclosed ecosystem where users can sell, buy and collect distinguished items from different countries. Customers are exposed to one-of-a-kind handmade products, encouraging them to purchase these products to create their own personalized space.  Etsy speaks vintage when you land on …

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Design Critique: Elevate (iOS app)

Elevate provides users with personalized “brain training”. Using a series of initial assessments to determine user needs, Elevates create a bespoke regimen of mini-games that trains five categories of cognitive skills and evolves as users advance through the app. Users can track their progress and partake in activities outside of the regimen to continue their …

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Design Critique: regal App (IOS version)

Almost all modern day customer experiences are integrated with digital infrastructures to support user’s convenience. Today, movie theaters commonly offer web application services where users can purchase movie tickets ahead of time. The Regal mobile app, similarly enables users to find showtimes and buy movie tickets online at a Regal cinema hall nearby. This article …

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Design Critic: AllTrails

Introduction AllTrails is a fitness app to discover outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, and more. The app helps users explore activities, join a community, and navigate trails all in one place. During the pandemic, millions of people turned to outdoor activities, and AllTrails was at the forefront of helping people do so. The …

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Design Critique: Splitwise (iOS App)

Splitwise is an expense-splitting application that can record expenses and share them with friends or groups. This display is unambiguous in the way it shows who should pay and what amount is due. This design critique focuses on the iOS applications using Don Norman’s principle and concepts from his book “The Design of Everything Things.”