Design Critique: MTA Bus Time (iPhone App)



Early last week, urban planning think tank TransitCenter tweeted a data visualization that presented a befuddling statistic: despite NYC’s growing population and record subway ridership, MTA public bus ridership has plummeted nearly 16% since 2002. TransitCenter’s research indicates that this remarkable decrease in ridership is a symptom of the “declining quality of bus service,” and the MTA Bus Time app is just one component of call to action spearheaded by public officials to rethink and turn NYC’s failing bus system around (TransitCenter).  Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Amagansett Free Library (Desktop & Mobile)

Figure 1

Figure 1. Amagansett Free Library homepage. Click to expand.  

The desktop site for the Amagansett Free Library, as well at its mobile counterpart, inform users of the services, resources and events available to them as patrons of the library.

Issue 1: Lack of a navigation bar across all pages leads to poor discoverability

As can be seen in Figure 2 (below) the only feature vaguely resembling a navigation bar exists on the homepage and nowhere else, and is comprised of not an actual navigation system but rather what appears to be a list of the library’s digital resources.Continue Reading »

Design Critique: NYPL’s SimplyE App

SimplyE Home Screen      IMG_3565      My Library

The New York Public Library (along with most libraries) has wrestled with the challenge of providing an intuitive process for lending e-books. To bridge this wide gulf of execution, they recently released SimplyE, a mobile app that aims to drastically minimize the steps needed to fulfill the goal of accessing e-books from the near 300,000 in library’s catalog.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: MTA Subway Time App

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 8.37.40 AM

MTA’s Subway Time smartphone application provides real-time arrival information for a select number of New York City subway lines. The app utilizes existing countdown clocks to display multiple arrivals for both directions of each line. Despite its limited functionality, Subway Time allows frequent riders to plan their commute. The design issues and proposed improvements highlighted in this critique would enhance current user experience and extend its use to those less familiar with the system.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: website IOTORAMA

The effective of user interface design should be visualize and inclusive, it will bring the user a feeling of control. The user could understand what they could do through the website and how to manipulate just using the direction through website. The website IOTORAMA is designed by Alpha-ville, which is a London based creative studio. It is an interactive project that arouses people’s interest of the world of “LOT” (Internet of Things).… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Metropolitan Museum of Art Website (Programs for Patrons with Learning Disabilities)

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 1.18.09 PM

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most popular museums in New York City, spanning a large collection of various pieces of art from around the world and from every age of history.  Three years ago, I wrote a memorandum regarding their web page, specifically in reference to people on the autistic spectrum and the programs provided for them.  … Continue Reading »

Design Critique: myPratt


myPratt is a website to provide various information for students in Pratt Institute. I found it is hard to find what I really want when the first time I used myPratt. This is not only because too much information in this website, but also some unclear interface design. This critique focuses on the issues on Dashboard of myPratt and the correspondent recommendation by using Norman’s principle.… Continue Reading »