Design Critique: Carbon Health App (v. 1.8.76 iOS)

Screenshots compiled to one image to showcase Carbon Health app on ios three images side by side

A “Seamless” of sorts for healthcare, Carbon Health defines itself as a “modern, tech-enabled healthcare provider designed from the ground up to put patient-care first” (Carbon Health website). The company’s B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) business model works by offering technology solution to clinics around the U.S. and ultimately to consumers (patients) to help “deliver a uniquely seamless …

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Case Study: Is Pratt’s News Site easy to navigate?

Pratt News is a resource for current events and other content relevant to the Pratt community. It features a unique navigation menu that sets it apart from the rest of the Pratt Institute website. In this project, our team used Google Analytics and HotJar to help users find content and get around the site more …

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Improving Quality of Interaction on the Pratt News Website by Observing User Behaviors

Abstract The newly designed Pratt New website features news, stories, and arts from Pratt Institute. This project aims to improve the interaction and performance of the website by learning the data and observing the user behaviors from Google Analytics and Hotjar. By collaborating with 4 peers, we made suggestions around improving the navigation, encouraging easier …

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Is the content on the new Pratt News website more engaging?

New Pratt News website was officially launched in September which re-designed and re-integrated information, navigation, and interaction. The new website incorporates more distinctive sections such as Articles, Daily Hub, and Prattfolio. The changes also help the communication department and editorial department to figure out a new approach for the Pratt website development. During the project, …

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How to encourage exploration and engagement of content through interaction accessibility and visibility

The Pratt News website currently provides content for over 2000 users with content ranging topics from the school’s departments to community involvement and current events. Our team set out to conduct an analysis on their newly launched website in order to understand how their users interact with the site and respond to the new design. …

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Providing a better user flow and navigation between the different types of content on the Pratt News website

The newly redesigned news website for Pratt Institute provides information, ideas, stories, and updates across all Pratt Institute. This project utilizes Hotjar and Google Analytics to collect user data and understand user behavior to offer potential solutions to enhance and streamline the user flow and navigation on the Pratt News website.

Design Critique: Apple Books on iPad

Apple Books is an app used to read eBooks. As native app in Apple’s ecosystem, many people default to using Apple Books as it’s readily avalible and touts a minimalist interface. While it is simple to use and requires little learning, Apple Books still could use improvement in many ways. Apple Books has a skeuomorphic …

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Design Critique: Poshmark (iPhone App)

Poshmark is an e-commerce app that allows users to sell new or used fashion, home decor, beauty supplies and more in a social media like setting. It is available to users in the United States, Canada and Australia.   This critique focuses on a Poshmark user looking to buy and sell items specifically on Poshmark’s iPhone …

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Design Critique : Signal Messenger (IOS App)

Signal is a free cross-platform messaging application with features such as sending and receiving high fidelity messages, attachments, and participating in HD video calls and voice messages. Signal is a non-profit with a core focus on Data privacy and security, with no advertisement, and no trackers. In this assignment, I will apply concepts discussed in …

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Design Critique: Discord (Web App)

Discord is a communication service which allows users to chat, call, and share files and other media in one hub on the web or their desktop and mobile apps. Users can create or join existing servers, to which they can invite friends and open topic-specific chat threads as well as voice and/or video rooms to …

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