Gestalt Psychology for UX Design



Understanding some basic psychological principles that impact visual perception is essential to user experience (UX) professionals interested in designing systems and products that better serve the needs of users. This post provides a brief overview of Gestalt psychology and demonstrates how many of its principles can help UX and interaction designers create interfaces that intentionally direct the user’s attention to the functions and features that are most useful.Continue Reading »

Wayfinding: How Users Apply 3D Logic to 2D Interfaces

If you’ve ever tried to find your terminal in an airport, you’ve undergone a psychological process called wayfinding. Wayfinding is the navigation of 3D environments through the use of spatial cues, such as following signs and hallways to your intended destination. All humans learn how to wayfind from the moment they learn to crawl, so this technique is deeply ingrained into our psychology.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: “Ringly” (Device and App)

Ringly is a smart ring created with the purpose of helping women lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, combining innovative technology with well crafted jewelry. The device consists on a ring with a sensor that is paired with the Ringly app on the user’s phone, allowing the notification of mobile alerts without the need to look at the phone as well as tracking the user’s physical activity throughout the day.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Blizzard Entertainment (Portal Website)

Design Critique: Blizzard Entertainment (Portal Website)



This website is the homepage for the entertainment company Blizzard. This website is mainly to generally introduce their products, exhibit what they already have, arouse people’s interest to take their products. And leave an entrance for their users to sign up or log in an account. What’s more, it also contains the careers link as other enterprise homepage during, to share their requirements.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Texture (iPad App)

What is Texture, and Who Is It For?

Texture is a subscription-based mobile reading app that gives its users unlimited access to a broad range of select magazine titles. It provides useful features such as offline reading, the ability to save magazine articles for later reading, and “subscription” to favorite publications. For mobile readers, Texture is space and cost effective in comparison to maintaining subscriptions to multiple physical copies of numerous magazines.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: IOS 11 Lock-screen


I want to explain my experience by using new launched IOS 11 human interface lock-screen part, analysis the subtle changes of this time, and some specific user-friendly design and suggestion of IOS 11 lock-screen. My interactive device is iPhone 7plus. This blog only represents my self’s point of view, please offer any suggestion and judge me when you think it’s not appropriate.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Uniqlo APP (IOS application)


Uniqlo is a popular casual apparel brand, they recently developed an APP to support their online retailing market.  As most functions of the app directly linked to their responsive web so that it can complete their basic goals–purchase items online, generate guests’ own digital barcode of their member accounts, get coupons and alerts, etc.

However, the APP still needs some improvements regarding the user experience.Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Net Art Anthology (Microsite)

 Figure (a). General screenshot


Rhizome, the New Museum-affiliated born-digital art organization behind Net Art Anthology, describes this dedicated microsite as a “two-year online exhibition presenting 100 works of restored and re-performed net art” [1]. Since its launch in October 2016, Net Art Anthology aims to restage and contextualize one project each week by uploading original or emulation-based artwork, essays, and primary source documents to the site.Continue Reading »