About IXD@Pratt

IXD@Pratt is a collection of articles about User Experience and its related disciplines. The website is maintained by faculty and students at Pratt Institute’s School of Information and all content is written by students, alumni, and faculty associated with the Master of Science in Information Experience Design and User Experience (UX) Advanced Certificate programs.

The UXPA@Pratt Student Chapter fosters collaboration between library and information science, design, and other disciplines at Pratt. By planning and coordinating events that are of interest to the UX community both within and outside of Pratt Institute, UXPA@Pratt builds relationships with alumni and other professionals and creates skill-enhancing opportunities in user experience and related disciplines. Group meetings and events are open to the entire Pratt community.

Keep updated with events and news from the UXPA@Pratt group by joining our Google Group or contact the student leaders at uxpa.pratt.officers@gmail.com

If you have a question about studying UX in the School of Information, please contact the program coordinator at the address below.

Craig M. MacDonald, Ph.D.
Pratt Institute, School of Information
144 West 14th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10011-7301
E-mail: cmacdona@pratt.edu
Web: www.craigmacdonald.com