Assistive Technology: YouTube Automatic Captioning

Screen shot of "YouTube Automatic Subtitles: How to Add Quick Closed Captions!" YouTube video

In 2009, Google introduce machine-generated automatic captions to YouTube. These automatic captions are generated by machine learning algorithms, and allow YouTube creators to easily add captions to their videos. YouTube viewers can toggle captions on and off in video settings.

Website Redesign: GrowNYC

Overview GrowNYC is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs including farmers markets, conservation, and community education. This project aimed to redesign the GrowNYC website into an intuitive and efficient site. Platform Mobile Web; Web Team Three Pratt Institute graduate students; my primary roles include research …

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Usability Study: Cooper Hewitt API

Cooper Hewitt API Introduction

Project Overview This usability study was conducted in collaboration with the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design museum to evaluate the current user experience of the Cooper Hewitt API. Our client at the Cooper Hewitt Museum wished to evaluate three stages of the user experience: API onboarding, API usage, and usage of response data. Our findings and …

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Design Critique: Giphy (iOS App)

Image description: A screenshot of Giphy's desktop browser home screen.

Giphy is a multimedia search engine and content distributor most known for their animated, looping GIFs. Giphy’s many integration platforms include Instagram, Slack, and Twitter, but this critique will focus solely on its mobile app for iOS and the experience it provides for both searching and creating content.