Author name: Derek Frisicchio

MTA Subway Station

Funding & Planning Accessibility for the MTA

By @derek-frisicchio, @shan-chang, @sfairoos, & @cathyjhu The MTA’s Current Status with Accessibility In the United States, there are over 70 light rail, rapid rail, commuter rail, monorail, and inclined-plane systems. According to the Federal Transit Authority’s (FTA) National Transit Database, 72% of all systems have accessible stations and the entire nation’s fleet is 88% accessible …

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Microsoft Teams Search and Chat

Design Critique: Microsoft Teams (Message Reactions & Search)

Just how well are the tools we use to communicate with our fellow colleagues? In this critique, I explore the Microsoft Teams text-chat system that most businesses rely on to replace the face-to-face communication.

In this critique, I will evaluate 2 functions that Microsoft Teams affords – message reaction, and searching the message archive.