Champions of Universe

Universe is an IOS application that empowers users with the ability to create and publish their own websites in minutes. It is a dynamic platform with the main goal to give its users the ability to easily and quickly do what competitor platforms, like Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress, do- but this time on a mobile …

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Design Critique: Youtube (Website)


At a Glance Youtube is a video sharing and social media platform that has an app (on mobile devices) band is accessible through web browsers. It consists of three types of users: (1) Users who upload videos onto the platform for others to watch (2) Users who watch videos uploaded by other users (3) a …

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Assistive Technology: OrCam MyEye 2

OrCam MyEye 2 is an assistive technology device designed for people with reading difficulties, visual impairments, or blindness. The device is small, portable, and can be attached to any pair of glasses. The design of the device is appealing and because of its small size, it increases the desirability of the product. This device attaches to glasses magnetically allowing users to easily swap frames or take the device off if they only …

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