My Favorite Method (Which Perhaps is Arguably Not Even a Method): An Interview with Christina Latina, Art Director, Local Projects

Local Projects designed interactive table surfaces to work in tandem with The Pen. Photo Credit: Ed Blake

Local Projects, one of the earliest self-described experience design studios, is responsible for the successful facilitation of the abstract experiences of emotion, memory, and social connection. How then, does Local Projects continue to make successful design decisions while relying almost entirely on qualitative feedback? The answer, it seems, is a familiar one: it depends. I …

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Design Critique: Texture (iPad App)

What is Texture, and Who Is It For? Texture is a subscription-based mobile reading app that gives its users unlimited access to a broad range of select magazine titles. It provides useful features such as offline reading, the ability to save magazine articles for later reading, and “subscription” to favorite publications. For mobile readers, Texture …

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