Author name: July Sosebee

Expert Voices Interview with a UX Designer

As a part of my Spring 2019 Independent Study I interviewed an experienced UX Designer to better understand what that position entails over time and on a day-to-day basis. This interview is paraphrased and does not include any identifying information as requested by the interviewee.

Emotionally Manipulate Your Users

Image Credit: Quickmeme This post covers the concept of Need for Affect and how it can be used to improve and influence User Experience. Specifically, I will be focusing on how this concept can be applied to video game design.

Design Critique: Calculator (iPhone Application, iOS 11.2.5 version)

The calculator application simply defined is a digital calculator. It can perform the most basic mathematical functions (such as addition/subtraction) all the way to solving more complex algebraic problems (such as logarithmic functions). For brevity, I will mainly focus upon the interface attributes that are present in the basic calculator mode (Refer to Figure 1 …

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