Restructuring Content: Improving Discoverability of Key Information for the TERRA Foundation for American Art

TERRA Foundation for American Art Study: Abstract The TERRA Foundation for American Art is non-profit organization aimed at supporting American exhibits, artists, and scholarship. Recently, the Terra Foundation reimagined their Mission, making it more inclusive, and they redesigned various pages to go a long with with this new vision. This project primarily focused on the …

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Enhancing Visual Hierarchy for Redesigned Pratt Libraries Website

Pratt Libraries Usability Report: Project Overview The Pratt Institute is a world leading institution of higher education with a mission of educating “artists and creative professionals to be responsible contributors to society.” Pratt Libraries represents this mission as it is an essential resource for the student and faculty body. This project focused on the Pratt …

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Design Critique: Co–Star (iPhone App)

Co–Star is an mobile Astrology application that gained major adoption among the Gen Z population. In fact the company boasts that “25% of young women in the US (18-25) have downloaded Co–Star” in just four years. The primary functions of the app are to provide daily horoscopes to users and compatibility assessments among friends.