Assistive Technology: Dot Watch

The Dot Watch, a sleek wrist watch with white, minimal face containing a dynamic braille pin display and a simple woven metal wristband.

Dot Watch is a sleek, minimal wrist watch with a moving braille pin display for users who are blind or visually impaired. The watch can not only communicate time and date – it can also translate text messages, notifications, the names of incoming callers, and other text from an iOS or Android device.

Design Critique: Hungry Cat Nonogram (iOS App)

Banner with the name of a mobile game, Hungry Cat Nonogram, overlaid over a preview of a nonogram puzzle and a customizable cat from the application

Hungry Cat Nonogram is a simple mobile game application focused on nonograms – puzzles where players use number hints and logic to correctly fill grid squares with colors to create pictures. Players can use coins gained from successfully completing puzzles to customize a cat companion that accompanies them to each puzzle.