Assistive Technology: Accessibility of Apple Devices (iPhone)

Introduction:Accessibility is the function that Apple provides which allows people with one or more impairments, such as mobility, visually or hearing impaired, to use the devices without barriers. It includes spoken content, VoiceOver, and other functions that help the people to finish the tasks by voice control, gesture control, visual assistance, etc.

Two ways to measure users’ emotions — survey and testing

  Introduction: I will discuss why users’ emotions matter in designing products and methods to measure and analyze users’ emotions to help achieve a better user experience. The research focuses on the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) and how it can be useful in finding out the insights while the users do the test. Why …

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Design Critique: Beauty Plus App(IOS)

Introduction: Beauty Plus is a camera application produced by Meitu, Inc. This application allows people to adjust their photos in a fast and easy way. Users can change the tone, contrast, filter of their photo. They can even beautify their photos by covering their acne, black circle, changing their body size — become taller or …

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