Assistive Technology: Immersive reader

The Immersive reader is the primary feature of Microsoft Learning Tools and was developed based on literacy science to improve the readability of content. It was mainly designed for students with dyslexia and dysgraphia and by supporting them in a non-stigmatizing way, it helps students with learning differences to grow into more independent learners.

Measuring User Experience with the Goals-Signals-Metrics Process

When measuring user experience, how can we decide which specific metrics to implement and track to make data-informed decisions? The Goal-Signal-Metrics Process is a powerful tool to map product/feature goals to specific metrics, allowing the product team to focus only on the most useful metrics relates to the product/feature.

Design Critiques: Pinterest (Android app)

Pinterest is an image-based social network that allows users to catalog, share and discover inspirations using images, GIFs, and videos, either uploaded from their computers or “pinned” from the web. The app requires registration and once logged in, users can start to explore the content.  Discovering content For most users who are familiar with the …

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