Design Critiques: Universe — Small blocks to make big things (iPhone App)

Universe is a new environment for radical expression and experimentation. It’s an app. But moreover, it’s an instrument, a medium, and a community all-in-one. The atomic unit is a verse, a 3×5 grid for infinite creativity: art, stories, interactive experiences, radical video collages, immersive soundscapes, musical instruments, even games. Or go the practical route: make a portfolio, invitation, how-to guide, recipe, or even a business card.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Website provides the commercial real estate community with top stories, analysis, and industry trends. The majority of site users hold a title of CEO, CFO, or SVP. For the purposes of this critique, I am focusing on the responsive website, including specific features like menu, account sign in, and newsletter sign up.

Discoverability & Feedback

The top portion of the site places the hamburger menu to the left of the logo.… Continue Reading »

Fresh Direct is an online retailer that allows customers to order food (meat, vegetables, fish), party platters, and household items (trash bags, dish soap, and so on) for next day delivery to their residence or business in the New York metropolitan area.

The website is the primary (for purposes of this critique) interface for the retailer.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: FreshDirect

Design Critique: Tayasui Sketches Pro (iPad app)

Tayasui Sketches is a sketching app designed for mobile devices. It allows professionals and non-professionals to create digital illustrations through traditional drawing experience. By providing a set of realistic digital drawing tools and advanced features (e.g. layers), it greatly meets basic requirements for creating illustrations while giving more capabilities to users.

Figure 1: showing layer selection

Figure 2: showing auto-save functionality

Finding #1: Auto-save while changing layer is used as an interlock to prevent users from exiting the drawing field or the app intentionally or unintentionally without saving the file.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: (iOS iPhone App)


In the final chapter of his book The Design of Everyday Things, Don Norman says, “Fundamental needs will also stay the same, even if they get satisfied in radically different ways.” A dictionary has been a staple reference tool for learning in the modern age and its use today is a fascinating case study in converting traditional analog objects into engaging digital experiences.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Spotify Mobile App

Spotify is a popular streaming music app, with both free and Premium paid plan options. With Spotify Premium, users can stream unlimited music, create and curate playlists, and discover new music all through the mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android through the corresponding app stores. Full access to Spotify is dependent upon either a mobile data plan, or connection to wifi, though certain saved playlists can be synced for offline play.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Workflowy (browser)

Workflowy is a flexible digital notebook for students, professionals, and any person who wants to keep notes, to-dos, and information organized in a simple interface.  Using intuitive and easily discoverable interactions, Workflowy allows users to compress huge amounts of data into a series of small, collapsable categories.  Entire books, successful corporations, and households are made more efficient and organized with the help of Workflowy.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Budget Bytes



Budget Bytes is a frequently updated website filled with delicious and inexpensive recipes. This website encourages people to smart about their budget, while still allowing good quality and delicious food to be an every day part of life. Budget Bytes is an easy-to-use resource for a wide variety of budget friendly dishes that also covers a variety of diets.… Continue Reading »