Design Critique: The Room (Android app)

The Room is the first of a series of mystery-puzzle video games originally developed by Fireproof Games. It follows a format similar to the genre of Escape Room games available on the mobile and consists of highly elaborate boxes with multiple puzzles that must be sequentially solved to unlock the box. This critique takes a closer look at how The Room (on Android) makes use of the Design of Everyday Things’ Design Principles and uses them to lead the player through the game.

Design Critique: Slack (Android App)

Slack is a collaboration tool where you can work with your team to get things done together. With slack, you can communicate not only with one-on-one services but as well as with groups, across multiple platforms and devices. You can also freely share files and integrate other services and applications. The application is available on …

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Design Critiques: Pinterest (Android app)

Pinterest is an image-based social network that allows users to catalog, share and discover inspirations using images, GIFs, and videos, either uploaded from their computers or “pinned” from the web. The app requires registration and once logged in, users can start to explore the content.  Discovering content For most users who are familiar with the …

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Design Critique: Twitter (iOS app)

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Twitter is a free social networking website and application that provides its registered users a platform to post multimedia messages, or tweets within a 280 character limit. Non-registered users can view public profile pages but are unable to interact with accounts. This blog post will focus on three features of Twitter—logging on, the timeline, and …

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Design Critique: Untappd (Android App)

Launched in 2010, Untappd is an application for the craft beer community. Users can record and rate the beers they have tried, see what breweries have on tap, and keep up with events and releases surrounding craft brewing. Untappd also serves as a social platform, so that beer drinkers can communicate their thoughts to breweries …

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Design Critique : Target (iOS Application)

Target is a retail chain offering home goods, clothes, electronics, groceries and more. Target mobile application, available for Android as well iOS devices introduces cartwheel in which upon signing up, the user is introduced to features like offers exclusive to target, scan and pay, drive up and order pickup. This design critique reviews the iOS …

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Design Critique: Bumble (ios app)

Bumble, a popular dating app, offers a traditional swipe/match platform but with a new concept that only women can make the first move to initiate a chat. Currently, Bumble has launched three features “Bumble Date”, “Bumble BFF” and “Bumble Bizz”. The entire philosophy behind Bumble was to create a place that leveled the dating field …

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Design Critique: Whatsapp Messenger (Android App)

Whatsapp Messenger is a cross-platform free messaging application owned by Facebook. It allows users to send text messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media. In this design critique assignment, I will be applying the concepts discussed by Don Norman in The Design of Everyday Things to evaluate …

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