Design Critique: Carbon Health App (v. 1.8.76 iOS)

Screenshots compiled to one image to showcase Carbon Health app on ios three images side by side

A “Seamless” of sorts for healthcare, Carbon Health defines itself as a “modern, tech-enabled healthcare provider designed from the ground up to put patient-care first” (Carbon Health website). The company’s B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) business model works by offering technology solution to clinics around the U.S. and ultimately to consumers (patients) to help “deliver a uniquely seamless …

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Design Critique: Leke Fitness Application

Leke Fitness is a chain gym brand in China. Its business includes gym operation and professional trainer service. I started using their service last summer and the overall experience is good. To experience their whole services, the user has to be either a member of a gym, or the user can book a trainer service and use the gym for free with limited-time access. Many different types of human-computer interactions occur in the process but I will focus on their mobile application.

Design Critique: (Web site) is the official website for Pratt institute through which all of the information necessary for students can be accessible. Processes such as registration, accessing bills, accessing MyPratt, OnePratt, and etc. is available through this portal which makes it a vital element through every student’s collegiate career at Pratt. Now in order to assess this …

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Design Critique: Bilibili (Website)

Bilibili is an original video plus animation platform(it includes app and website) with its identical feature called bullet comments(flying comment on the screen sent by the viewers), forming community culture and topics as the viewer interacts with the platform. It contains a wide variety of videos and categorizes as many sections, such as education, living, finance, etc.

Design Critique: Instagram (iOS app)

Instagram is a social-networking platform where you connect communities with digital contents. With years of iteration, it has advanced many features to cater different user groups and evolved into a marketing and merchandising channel. This design critique will discuss v 172. iOS app version in Asia Pacific as some features may not be available in different …

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Design Critique: Google Play (Android app)

Google Play is an app store widely used by Android users. Through Google Play, users can download various applications, games, subscript services, or buy movies and e-books. Homepage & menus I think the homepage design of Google Play is clear and concise, easy to use, also provides the right feedforward information for users. First is …

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