The iPhone’s Keyboard: Pros and Cons

iOS’s keyboard, as one of the most commonly used keyboard, is a very well, fully developed keyboard system. It supports numerous of languages (including more than 2,500 emojis) and variety of layouts, and can smartly auto-correct the text in most cases.

iPhone Keyboard in different settings.

( Left to right: English, QWERTY; Chinese (Simplified), 10 keys; Chinese (Traditional), QWERTY; Emoji )

Note: This critique focuses on iOS’s keyboard, and the research is based on iOS 11.2.5 that runs on an iPhone 6s.Continue Reading »

Design Critique: OpenTable (Mobile App)

Founded in 1998, OpenTable is a web service that allows users to book restaurant reservations online. Through their website and mobile app, users can view restaurant menus, reviews, photos and earn reward points through using the platform to make reservations. Based in San Francisco, this free service has expanded to include restaurants throughout the United States and now offers its services globally in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Japan and the United Kingdom.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: MTA eTix (Android app)

Launched in the summer of 2016, MTA eTix is a free mobile app that allows users to purchase tickets for the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North directly through their own mobile device. This app aims at eliminating unfortunate events that commuters struggle with on a normal basis, such as losing tickets or missing trains due to long lines at the ticket machines.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Crunchyroll (Android App)


Crunchyroll is an American licensing company and online community that serves as an online streaming service for Japanese Anime and Asian media. Originally founded by a group of University of California, Berkeley graduates in 2006, Crunchyroll’s distribution channel serves over 23 million online community members worldwide. While the full website offers greater scope of content, the mobile application grants users the ability to execute the company’s core function of online streaming.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Cash (iPhone–iOS application)

Cash application logo


Square Cash, known simply as Cash on iPhone iOS, is a service that allows US debit card users to send and receive payments in US dollars. Users do not necessarily create an account with a username. Instead, new users are prompted to enter their existing debit card information and email address. Cash will pull debits from and push credits to the bank account tied to the debit card.Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Steam (Mobile App)

Steam is the largest PC gaming platform with over 125 million active users. It has a mobile app that enables players to chat with friends, view profiles, discuss in communities, verify accounts, and shop games, software or other digital products on their phones. The app is functional, but the user experience needs to be improved.

In my personal experience using the app, I found this mobile version Steam has almost all the functions of the desktop version, which is laudable.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Calculator (iPhone Application, iOS 11.2.5 version)

The calculator application simply defined is a digital calculator. It can perform the most basic mathematical functions (such as addition/subtraction) all the way to solving more complex algebraic problems (such as logarithmic functions). For brevity, I will mainly focus upon the interface attributes that are present in the basic calculator mode (Refer to Figure 1 for images of basic and advanced calculator interfaces).… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Ritual Restaurant Ordering App

Ritual is a restaurant ordering app that allows the busy professional to be more efficient with their lunch break by allowing them to skip the line and order ahead. They can order their meal before they leave the office, pay for it, get updates, get directions, and skip the line all on one app.

Ritual – Main Page

After selecting and loading the app, the main page offers discoverability through restaurant logos, icons, and search bars.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Venmo (App)

I choose Venmo (App) as my design critique topic. Venmo is an online digital “wallet” for people to make and share payments between their friends. It makes easier among friends to split the bill. The critique is based on the principles and methodologies from Don Norman’s book: Design of Everyday Things. In the critique, I want to discuss how Venmo meets/fails at these principles.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: CamScanner (iOS app)

CamScanner is a mobile scanner application, which helps people to scan files in a quick and convenient way. Users can use it to snapshot office documents and manage images. CamScanner has three main features: 1. Being available anytime to scan and send scans to anywhere, even out of the office. 2. Enhancing image quality automatically and easy to export the files in multiple ways.… Continue Reading »