Capital One’s Design Team

Capital One Financial Corporation is an American bank holding company which specializes in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and saving products. It is headquartered at McLean, Virginia. Chris invited me to spend a few hours at their New York office on 19th street. The New York office space is dedicated to business, design and technical teams in commercial banking.Continue Reading »

Measuring Emotion and Engagement

In the past, measuring emotion and engagement are seem to be impossible, because the emotion is too abstract to be collected as data. Communication has become a regular way to collect users’ data, even though it can not be 100% correct. Without solid data, researchers can’t stay objective to develop a conclusion of the issue. Fortunately, some devices are invented to evaluate and collect emotion data.

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Gamification for increasing user engagement


Gamification is the technique of implementing elements of game design into non-gaming settings to enhance user engagement with a product. While books and movies are various forms of entertainment, games are more participatory in nature. Games provide the players with the freedom to modify the story line, it makes them feel like they are in control of the process.Continue Reading »

Ethics and Emotion in Controlled Experiments

Users interest are relentlessly changing all the time and their attention span are as short as they have ever been.  Given this companies are constantly thinking of new ways to maintain engagement with their users.  Sometimes that comes in the form of change with their product and how the user interacts with them.  It’s understood that with every potential change, whether major or minor, testing should always be involved. … Continue Reading »

Enhancing The Pratt Institute Libraries Experience – UX Research and Recommendations


The Pratt Institute Libraries is an academic library institution serving three campuses in the New York area. The Libraries’ main building is located on Pratt’s Brooklyn campus with collections and services that focus on the visual arts, architecture, design, creative writing, and related fields.

The mission of the Pratt Institute Libraries is to provide outstanding service and access to a resource-rich environment that facilitates critical thinking and creative teaching and learning in the Pratt community.Continue Reading »

AFA Design Story – Patrick Jerry


The Project

Our task was to redesign of the Arts for All official website to make it more attractive, more functional, and  more appropriate for a modern arts education nonprofit.

The Problem

AFA’s current website is unpleasant to use because it is ugly to look at and it is difficult to discern the site’s architecture and where you are located within it.… Continue Reading »

Design Story: Materials for the Arts


Initial interviews with Materials for the Arts (MFTA) revealed the organization’s key goals in a website redesign. The organization would like its users to be informed of the different opportunities it provides beyond donations and scheduled appointments. In order to insure that prospective users are efficiently and effectively exploring the interface a series of user interviews and observations were performed by a Pratt research team.  Continue Reading »

Quantitive Usability

In the field of user experience, there is a wide range of research available, researchers mapped 20 methods across 3 dimensions: “Qualitative vs. Quantitative”, “Attitudinal vs Behavioral” and “Context of Use”. This article will focus on introducing the “Quantitative research” method, and in order to make it more clear, it will also compare it with another direction in this dimension—“Qualitative”.Continue Reading »