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Design Critique: Data Is Plural (Website/Newsletter)

Introduction Data Is Plural is a website and a newsletter service published by Jeremy Singer-Vine that introduces interesting and novel datasets (and data visualizations corresponding to them) to the users. Subscripted users would receive emails about the new editions on a weekly basis and the website is accessible to all users. This critique analyzes both …

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“Assistive Technology: Oticon More Hearing Aids” 

“Assistive Technology: Oticon More Hearing Aids” by Brianna Stamm The Oticon More hearing aid is an assistive technology designed for people with hearing loss or deafness. Oticon describes this particular model as a “revolutionary hearing aid designed to work like your brain, because it learned through experience”. The online gallery touts the offering phrase- “you can …

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Assistive Technology: Read Aloud (Firefox Desktop Extension)

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader by LSD Software is a free text to speech (TTS) browser extension (or “add-on”) that allows internet users to hear webpages read aloud to them. Some webpages may offer an audio file in addition to the text but most do not. It is designed for any internet browser or EPUB reader to listen to written text from almost any page narrated to them. As a functional solution, Read Aloud widens the scope of both how users and which users can engage with webpages.

Design Critique: The Target App (iPhone app) 

Introduction The Target app is an e-commerce site representing Target, a long-standing retail establishment based in North America. It contains features aiding both online and in-store shopping, such as order and pick-up scheduling, home delivery options, a barcode scanner and more. This post critiques the app in accordance with principles and concepts outlined in Don …

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Assistive Technology – Kurzweil 3000

Learning software for reading, writing and scanning documents Kurzweil 3000 is an assistive technology that primarily works as a screen reader. It also has some additional features like pdf scanning, access to dictionary and text-to-speech. The target audience for this software is students with visual impairments. Compatibility: It is available on Mac and Windows OS …

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Case Study: Grassroots Grocery

Project Summary As part of a 4 person team, I worked to analyze the issues with our client’s website and how they might be remedied. With Grassroots Grocery being an organization that focuses on providing fresh produce to community fridges and partner organizations that serve high-need communities in NYC, it is imperative that their website …

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Using Eye Tracking Insights to Optimize the Process of Applying to Graduate Programs at Pratt Institute on the Mobile Website

Project Overview: This project was a team effort as part of the “Advanced Usability and UX Evaluation” coursework at Pratt Institute. We worked with Pratt Institute over the course of 1.5 months to conduct an eye tracking study on the redesigned mobile website. Based on our key findings, we came up with several recommendations …

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Connecting seniors to vital resources through the Bay Ridge Center website

The Bay Ridge Center, a non-profit community organization providing support for older residents of southeast Brooklyn, wanted to test the usability of its newly-redesigned website, with a particular focus on its user-friendliness for seniors. After conducting a series of moderated remote user tests with a sample of older participants, we determined that while the website covers an impressive amount of information on a range of services, there were some findability issues that impacted accessibility.