Emotional success: Designing and defining a user experience.

Emotional success: Designing and defining a user experience.
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Blog post by Jamie Raymond

Creating a successful user experience involves developing digital products that are pleasing for the people using them. UX designers apply various UX techniques to digital products to provide the end user with a best overall impression.Continue Reading »

Clicktracking: Putting the heat to the map

There are several ways to determine if the design of a website meets your pre-determined goals. One of the ways to determine this is with Clicktracking, similarly grouped with Clickmapping. With a small amount of Javascript placed into your website, you will have the ability to find out where on your site visitors are drawn, what they click on, and where they spend the most time.… Continue Reading »

System Usability Scale: A Quick and Efficient User Study Methodology



This article briefly described the differences between qualitative and quantitative usability study methods, indicated that high cost is one of the disadvantages of quantitative methodologies, and introduced the System Usability Scale (SUS), which is a quick, efficient and reliable usability study method, and explained SUS’s working process.

Quantitative Usability vs. Qualitative Usability

The quantitative usability study is usually been considered as an expensive method that can cost “four times as much as” qualitative studies, and qualitative studies “often generate better insight” (Neilson, 2001).Continue Reading »

Measuring Emotions in UX with EEG’s



Every day we all feel a variety of emotions. And they vary depending on what tasks we try to accomplish. When it comes to usability testing, how do researchers know how users are feeling at each step of a task?

Emotions in design can be measured in a variety of ways such as: self-reporting, uncovering implicit feelings, and by measuring non-conscious reactions.… Continue Reading »

Attractive and Emotion Change Our Decision

Attractive And Emotion Change Our Decision

Fig.1 Image Parking Signs in Los Angeles VS Nikki Sylianteng’s (Siang)



As Fig.1 showing, it is two examples of the parking signs. I believe that we could pick the better design one in 5 seconds from this two, this should be a super simple question. Because the right one looks simple and well aesthetic.… Continue Reading »

The Design Sprint – Another Discount Method?


I first came across the Design Sprint when a colleague sent me an article about how the Phoenix Museum selected the process to reimagine their visitor’s guide. The Museum had just underwent a rebranding, and the staff wanted to find a way engage the visitors in a more informal way. The sprint was run because it brought more voices into the room (diverse staff), produced a working prototype quickly, and provided user feedback, all in one week.… Continue Reading »

An Adventure from Concept to Prototype for the Intrepid Air and Space Museum by Brian Engel

Our Client: Before


Our task was to redesign the website for the Intrepid Air and Space Museum.  We were told they were looking to appeal to New Yorkers and make their website more mobile-friendly, but we soon found they have many more problems.


The Card Sort and Tree Test


With our goal in mind and a firm grasp on the user bases we wanted to interact with, we hosted a series of Card Sorts.  … Continue Reading »