Design Critique: Coursera (Web Version)

Among all of the online education website, I’ve tried several and even they’re focus on different trajectory, the one that hooks me and motivate me to complete is Coursera which delivering a very “flow” experience. User-centered design employs empathy and in turn increases satisfaction of the end-users. This design critique will be using Norman theories from “The Design of Everyday Things” to analyze the good and bad designs Coursera utilizes.

Design Critique: Venmo (iOS)


What is venmo? Venmo allows you to pay and request money from your friends. At its core, Venmo provides a social way to pay your friends when you owe them money and don’t want to deal with cash.  mY GOAL The goal was to pay $100 to Lillian Yang. I solely focused on the payment …

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Design Critique: FotMob (Android app)

FotMob is a platform that gives football fans real-time scores, live commentary, and detailed stats. The personalized news and notifications make it easy to keep up with their favorite teams and players. The application also gives quick match updates to make sure the fans don’t miss a goal, no matter where they are. This design …

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Design Critique: Kaave (iOS app)

image depicting the title and an iPhone mock-up

Kaave is a fortune telling app based in Turkey that works by reading Turkish coffee cups – which is usually done to spark conversation and gossip. This article will evaluate the IOS version of the Kaave app, based on the usability principles discussed by Donald Norman, in his book: The Design of Everyday Things.

Design Critique: StreetEasy

StreetEasy is one of the most well-known services for New Yorkers looking to buy or rent apartments in and around New York City. By aggregating listings and providing myriad search criteria, StreetEasy allows potential buyers and renters to view pictures, videos, and descriptions of the home of their dreams. While there are desktop and mobile …

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Design Critique: PMC MicroMarket(7 Th. Floor)

Introduction Since my first day at Pratt Manhattan Center, I’ve became a heavy user of the MicroMarket in our building. The market locates on the 7th floor of Pratt Manhattan Center , aiming to provide Pratt students with fresh snacks and beverages with self-checkout technology. By linking technology to users’ everyday activities, the MicroMarket has …

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Design Critique – Sleep Cycle (Android App)

Sleep Cycle is an alarm-like mobile application that helps users have a better sleep by relaxing them at bedtime, tracking their sleep and waking them up at the light sleep phase. This post reviews this application according to Norman’s Design Principles with the following tasks: play a sleep aid, set up an alarm and close …

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Design Critique:

Image of dog and pet products is an online retailer of pet food and products I use to order things for my cat Ram. I focused on the seven fundamental principles of design from Don Norman’s book The Design of Everyday Things to show where this site displayed the application of good design. His book provides guidelines for designing understandable, …

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Design Critique: Deserve® Edu Mastercard (iOS App)

The Deserve® Edu Mastercard is a solid student credit card for college students who don’t have a credit history — it offers rewards, no annual fee, and other student-friendly perks. Since an SSN isn’t needed to apply, it is the best option for an international student struggling to qualify for other credit cards in the USA. LANDING PAGE: …

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