Design Critique: Splitwise (iOS App)

Splitwise is an expense-splitting application that can record expenses and share them with friends or groups. This display is unambiguous in the way it shows who should pay and what amount is due. This design critique focuses on the iOS applications using Don Norman’s principle and concepts from his book “The Design of Everything Things.”

Swoosh.Nike Branding

Design Critique: Swoosh.Nike

Swoosh.Nike is a new virtual space where everyone interested can collaborate in designing and owning the future of Nike’s digital products through blockchain. People can co-create, build collections, earn royalties, and trade virtual Nike products for digital fashion in web3. The platform promises to use its own NFTs as wearables to incentivize people’s individuality and …

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Design Critique: MYmta App

The MYmta app is MTA’s official all-in-one app for subways, buses, LIRR, and Metro-North trains. It says the App is “designed for our customers based upon feedback directly from our customers,” and that it “provides a personalized experience across all transit services for daily commuters and tourists.” The app includes functions like trip planning, planned …

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Design Critique: Netflix (Website)

Introduction Netflix is a membership-based subscription platform for streaming movies and TV dramas. It was founded in 1997. It profited solely by renting DVDs at the beginning, but today it is focusing more on providing online video streaming services. Netflix’s earliest subscription system began in 1999, and users could choose to pay different price subscription …

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Virtual doorman application screenshots

Design Critique: Virtual Doorman (mobile app)

Virtual doorman is a remote doorman service that can be accessed by residents and property managers of multi-unit buildings through a mobile application to manage building-related activities. It is used for security and access control purposes like remotely greeting visitors and providing them access, accepting packages and deliveries, and virtually monitoring the building security cameras.

Design Critique: The Target App (iPhone app) 

Introduction The Target app is an e-commerce site representing Target, a long-standing retail establishment based in North America. It contains features aiding both online and in-store shopping, such as order and pick-up scheduling, home delivery options, a barcode scanner and more. This post critiques the app in accordance with principles and concepts outlined in Don …

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