My thoughts on service design

There are so many definitions of service design, and it seems that there’s not even one unified description. Synthesizing consensus, I summarize the definition as follows: service design is the process of making each stakeholder coordinate effectively through systematically and organically excavating and optimizing touch-point experience during service process, and finally achieve perfect user experience.

The concept is a little complicated, firstly, I will give a simple example: there are two coffee shops with the same distance, same coffee taste, and same price, which one will you choose?… Continue Reading »

Service Experience Design

Service design incorporates a lot of disciplines, including consumer research, interaction design, product design, industrial design, marketing, and even corporate strategy. It sounds a lot like UX design, but it’s not quite the same thing: UX may be built on the concepts of experience and context, but it’s primarily about creating products and apps. Service design, on the other hand, takes more of a macro view of user/customer experience.… Continue Reading »