Design Critique: Shazam (iOS)

A hand holds a smartphone with the Shazam app open

Shazam is a music discovery app that allows users to identify recorded audio in mere seconds. In addition to surfacing song titles, artist information, time-synced lyrics, and music videos, Shazam offers Spotify and Apple Music integrations so that identified tracks can be saved to playlists.

Design Critique: FotMob (Android app)

FotMob is a platform that gives football fans real-time scores, live commentary, and detailed stats. The personalized news and notifications make it easy to keep up with their favorite teams and players. The application also gives quick match updates to make sure the fans don’t miss a goal, no matter where they are. This design …

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Design Critique – Lifesum (iOS App)

This article will be a review and critique of the Lifesum app by applying terms in The Design of Everyday Things — Don Norman. Besides, I will present the problems and provide suggestions to improve their app from a UX perspective. About Lifesum Lifesum helps you track your food and your exercise to live a healthier life and …

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Design Critique: Genius (Android App)

Genius is a highly sought-after American media company, founded in 2009. It aims at spreading music knowledge, from song lyrics to the artist and the stories behind the creation. The company offers musicians, editors, contributors and, fans to explore, discuss, and understand the deeper meaning behind the music. Genius’s application is available on Playstore and Appstore.