A Redesign Proposal for the Voorheesville Public Library Website

In order to propose a redesign for the Voorheesville Public Library’s website, we conducted a user-centered review, test, and analysis of the information architecture and interactive design of the site. It appeared to be clogged with duplicated content in an overly complex structure, and was not adapted for mobile. Our goals were to conduct research and design a more effective user experience for desktop and mobile platforms, in interactive prototypes.… Continue Reading »

Eye Tracking: The Pros and Cons

After several weeks of presentations and learning about usability this semester, I decided I wanted to know more about eye tracking. Obviously, the name indicates what eye tracking is, studying questions like: Where does the eye go first? What does it look at the longest? What does it ignore? etc. But I wanted to learn more about how exactly eye tracking worked, since it’s not a method being used in class.… Continue Reading »