Spring 2014 UX Practicum at NYU Libraries

Starting in the Spring 2014 semester, SILS will be partnering with NYU Libraries for a 3-credit practicum in user experience (UX). The practicum is open to 3-5 students who will be co-supervised by Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit (Discovery and Digital Access Librarian at NYU) and SILS Assistant Professor Craig MacDonald as they conduct UX research projects for various departments within the library (using usability testing, card sorting, user research, interface design, and other common UX methods), assist with the creation of a dedicated UX lab at the library, and develop a collection of UX tools and materials for use by library and university staff members. It will require 100 hours of on-site work at NYU’s Bobst Library (located at the southeast corner of Washington Square Park) – with flexible hours based on project needs – plus four 2.5-hour seminar sessions of LIS-698 with Dean Giannini.

Due to the applied nature of the practicum, it is only open to students who have completed LIS-644: Usability Theory & Practice (formerly Usability of Digital Information) by the end of the Fall 2013 semester.

To apply, students should send a cover letter, resume or CV, and a link to their online UX portfolio (or electronic copies of UX-related work products) to cmacdona@pratt.edu by *11:59pm on Wednesday, November 6*.