StoreFronts: A Case Study

StoreFronts is a scrapbook-like app, where users are encouraged to take photos of restaurants’ and bars’ storefronts to visually discover, capture, and organize the shared dining out experience.


To begin the design process, research was conducted to evaluate the value proposition of StoreFronts. Research took the form of two interviews and a competitive review of four similar apps. It was found that StoreFronts would be of added value in the market. Two personas were also created to personify the user and their needs.


A moodboard was created to illustrate the desired look and feel for StoreFronts.


Interaction Design

From class critiques and discussion, a key experience was developed:

  1. Capturing shared dining out moments through photographic collages of the entire dining experience: an establishment’s storefront, food & drink, decorum, and companions.

This guided all other deliverables, but, first, it lead to the creation of an experience map that visually shows this archetypical experience.


A flow diagram was also created to outline the overall behavioral structure of StoreFronts and it demonstrates the primary task.


Final Prototype

After more critiques and discussion, the original wireframe was iterated upon and an iPhone mobile app prototype was created. This iteration is an example of StoreFronts’ MVP. It is intended to cover the experience outlined in the flow diagram.