as a mobile service is a GIS editor of Openstreetmap project that supports free geographical data service for all over the world. While the website has professional quality on its minimalistic interface, the mobile setting can be improved to deliver the better speed on data feedback and web security on the user environment.



OSM provides a lightweight web editor tool for open source GIS project that allows contributors can update the current GIS information status. Most of users of this web editor have potentially experienced mapping or at least have their desire for free GIS data service to use.  Due to the nature of GIS data service, OSM site has to transfer lots of data every time it requested. According to Google pagespeed tool, OSM could handle the size of data transfer rate and UI outlook. Most of recommendations belongs to the complexity of code and the resolution of tile image.

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Recommendation 1: Providing warning sign for data transfer rate or recommended device environment

It could be helpful if the website provides a recommended resolution of device or warning sign for estimated slowdown of data transfer.

Current layer UI supports this complexity by distinguishing the type of data layer:standard, cycle, transportation, mapquest, humanitarian map. Because some of maps has relatively huge amount of information than the other type of layers, estimated loading time is uneven in its nature. For instance, humanitarian map takes longer loading hour and requests high resolution screen than the other maps when it is at suburb area. 


Recommendation 2: Providing legend page of basemap

Currently OSM web editor choose general use of mapping color palette to make it recognizable instead of providing overall actual legend, which provided at software version. Though it is not required to provide legends for base-map in usual sense, providing legend can make lot navigation easier to check the data status if we have a separate section of legend that provided as a main information of the map data.

IMG_1598 IMG_1591

Recommendation 3: Prioritizing the mobile user task
: whether protecting main contributors or focusing on collecting user note at the mobile

Most of contribution of OSM is from anonymous users who reports a changes and correction of geographical information. Inevitably, the public access toward the posting page drain Spam as well. In the section of User diary and Map note, it is not very hard to find “test” or “visit my website” posting.  31 contributor account produces 50% of the map information according to OSM wiki statistics of user that collected until 2013. The report also assuming potential spam account because of the contribution rate. Though there is not much clear solution for this, using higher level of spam or word count detecting machine could be necessary to keep the main contributors community. However mobile UI setting of Map note submit form can be open by just one click without requesting sign up.


These two issues can be solved if OSM can prioritize the user support level and community support. it is recommended to let user signed up as much as possible in both way. If OSM would keep the main user community, it is recommended to eliminate the Spam as much as possible. If OSM would prioritize the support the GIS agents who collect and contribute new regional information, making a separate user flow from the long term community can be a solution.

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