Intensive Ambulatory Care Program

Nowadays, people live in a longer life. However, many of the elderly people suffered from chronic disease, such as diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, etc. The Intensive Ambulatory Care program was designed by Phillips Healthcare team and it for managing the patient’s condition both in hospital and home.

The design combines leading telehealth technologies which monitor and educate patients with a patient portal (eCare companion patient app). This transformed model enables the remote health care process by using eCare coordinator software platform. The Intensive Ambulatory Care program represents a step forward in managing healthcare costs and improving the lives of individuals living with multiple chronic conditions. By engaging patients in their health while caring for them from their own homes, the program introduces new ways of managing healthcare costs while simultaneously improving quality of life.

One of the key differentiation of this program is that it combines both technology and high touch service which address the needs of this type of patients. The eCare platform (eCare Coordinator and eCare Companion) and component of the program matches patients with health coaches, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and an intensive primary care physician who has experience in working with this population. The impact of the program can be listed in three levels: for the healthcare organizations are the main customers, to end-users whom are both clinical staff part of these organizations, and complex patients with multiple chronic conditions.