UX Research Tool – Ethnio

User research has never been easy. Especially recruiting the right participants for a study is difficult. I remember the struggle I had recruiting participants to test my prototype several times. Life can be so much easier if someone or something can recruit the right participants for me. Ethnio is a tool for UX research which helps researchers do in-person interviews, online research, surveys and remote user testing. Ethnio gives users 14 days of free trial before paying for it, but it’s not cheap. Especially if someone wants to use it for personal use. I noticed a lot of big companies use this tool to get feedback from users about their applications.

Types of Research possible on Ethnio:

In-Person Interview
Schedule in-person interview by screening for the right participants with a few clicks. There is also a calendar that can schedule the interviews.

Online Research
Be able to use 3rd party tools for online research with the right participants. Ethnio can help researchers take the participants to the right online tool.

Be able to choose who to send the surveys based on who the participants are. Researchers can customize the survey based on location, device, certain answers etc.

Remote Testing
Schedule remote user testing with the chosen participants. Ethnio can also help jump the researchers right into a screen-sharing tool.

Customer Panels
Use Ethnio to manage who the customers/participants are, track the studies and pay incentives. Researchers can also customize the messages sent to different participants.

One main example I found that could be very useful was using surveys on a real website. There is an iframe javascript code that can easily be implemented into a website to ask for quick feedback. I’ve used Google Forms for a lot of surveys before. Google Forms does not allow custom questions based on specific answers, but Ethnio does. It can also be a screener questions that could lead the user into an interview or remote testing with incentives. The questions are very customizable and even the thank you page can be customized based on specific answers/targets.

I feel like Ethnio is a powerful tool for businesses who want immediate feedback from users who use their website.

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