Assistive Technology: Time Timer

“Time Management for All Abilities”

The Time Timer is a tool that simplifies the understanding of a concept as complex as the passage of time. It functions like a standard timer: the user sets the desired amount of time, and the clock starts running. However, unlike conventional clocks or timers, the Time Timer provides visual aid about how much time remains, primarily using color.

It is intended to be primarily used for educational purposes since it is often children who have difficulty grasping how time works. However, a significant advantage of this device is that it can be used as a tool by various groups, such as individuals with autism and those with ADHD.


Operating the Time Timer is not complicated; the user simply needs to adjust the desired time manually, and the countdown will begin.

Some of its versions include handles, making it easy to hold, and other versions come in different sizes and colors, depending on each user’s needs.

It’s worth mentioning that users also have the ability to integrate an auditory component into the timer if needed. This function can be activated or deactivated according to individual preferences.


This device enhances user productivity by allowing them to focus for set periods of time while reducing any anxiety that may be induced by various factors, such as uncertainty about understanding time-related concepts. For this reason, the product aligns with the economic model of disability and can even be a tool that enhances performance in the workplace.


  • The auditory component can be utilized by therapists or individuals with autism, as some users may not be able to constantly watch the timer. Auditory cues can help them know when the countdown has finished.
  • The color contrast not only aids individuals with visual impairments but also allows users with ADHD to visualize time more easily, helping them manage it more effectively.
  • The various shapes and sizes in which the product is offered can be leveraged by a diverse range of users. Some versions include boards, enabling individuals with ADHD to set tasks. As mentioned earlier, other versions feature handles, which could be beneficial for individuals with physical disabilities.


The Timers are affordable products overall. The original 8-inch model is priced at $36.95. However, there are also more expensive options, such as the Time Timer with an included soap dispenser, which costs $72.95, or the timer kit (which includes 3 timers) priced at $104.95.

For those seeking more budget-friendly options, the 3-inch Timers are the most economical choice, with a price of $29.95 each.

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In summary, the Time Timer is a tool that incorporates assistive technologies and allows its users to have a more user-friendly perception of the passage of time. Unlike conventional clocks and timers, it uses color to demonstrate the remaining time. At its core is the time counter, which can come in different colors (with red being the original), and it also offers the option to add an auditory component. Various versions of the timer are available, including those with handles or small boards. It can be maximally utilized by diverse users such as young children, individuals with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, down syndrome, people with physical disabilities, among others.