Design Critiques

What makes some designs good and others bad? Why do some designs work while others don’t? Posts in this category offer thoughtful design critiques of modern digital interfaces, with commentary inspired by Don Norman’s “The Design of Everyday Things.”

Banner image of accessiBe Access Widget

Assistive Technology: accesiBe’s accessWidget for Websites.

What is accessWidget? The accessWidget by accessiBe actively bridges the gap in website access for businesses by creating an enabling environment of inclusivity for people with varying disabilities. By incorporating features such as screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, and adjustable color contrasts, the AccessWidget ensures that individuals with visual impairments, motor disabilities, and cognitive challenges …

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Assistive Technology: VoiceOver (macOS)

I’ve chosen to focus my review on the VoiceOver that comes in my MacBook laptop by Apple. This is a free built-in assistive technology that provides spoken descriptions of on-screen elements, enabling navigation and interaction through gestures and keyboard commands. Tailored for inclusivity, VoiceOver makes Apple OS systems accessible to people with temporary or permanent …

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Assistive Technology: Apple’s Live Speech & Personal Voice

In today’s world, adapting to specialized needs and empowering one to engage with their surroundings effortlessly has become possible (with considerable room for improvement) thanks to assistive technology. These assistive tools, software, or devices bridge the gaps across various models of disabilities. Building on the wave of accessibility, Apple’s Live Speech aims to break down …

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Assistive Technology: MouthPad^

During the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2024 event, a new assistive technology was introduced in which people can control their devices using their tongue. MouthPad^ allows people with mobility impairments to interact with their devices on a more comfortable and precise level of control. The specifics MouthPad^ was created by Augmental, a company focused on …

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Assistive Technology: IrisVision Live 2.0

IrisVision Live 2.0 stands as a beacon of progress in assistive technology, profoundly impacting the lives of individuals with low vision. Developed by IrisVision, this wearable device seamlessly integrates neuroscience, augmented reality, and mobile technology to create a holistic rehabilitation platform. The Live 2.0 upgrade introduces enhanced vision modes, providing a superior visual experience for …

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Assistive Technology: RogerVoice

In radio aviation communication, “Roger that” meant “Received”. Through Rogervoice, you can understand voice calls. Thanks to your plane (the Rogervoice app!) and your copilots (interpreters and speech professionals), you get to pilot your own calls and arrive at your destination: independence. — Roger Voice It is always not easy for people with hearing difficulties to enjoy phone calls. But …

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Design Critique: The Domino’s App (iOS)

Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the US and the world over. They are industry leaders in terms of innovation, marketing, supply chain management and coming up with innovative campaigns such as the recent ‘Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery’ service that delivers pizza to you anywhere you like, without requiring your address.This along with their market position and popularity should ideally mean they have an extremely efficient, user friendly and responsive website and app interface.And through this design critique, I shed light on some key usability issues I noticed in the Domino‘s app interface.

Design Critique: Medium Website

Medium is an influential online blog platform, that seamlessly brings together professionals, publishers, and knowledge enthusiasts. It offers a rich mix of original and curated content, fostering a vibrant space for sharing ideas and insights. Catering to both those seeking knowledge and content creators, it serves as a hub for quality articles, fostering meaningful discussions. …

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Assistive Technology: Relumino Mode for Samsung TV

Released on 2023 Samsung TVs, Relumino Mode is an assistive technology for people with low vision. Relumino Mode aims to make TV more accessible and desirable for individuals with low vision by enhancing the image brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and outlines. About low vision It is estimated that over 500 million people worldwide experience a …

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Assistive Technology: Google Maps (iOS App)

Google Maps is a widely known navigational tool used for a variety of activities including daily commutes, travel planning, and discovering new places. As a professional with a background in architecture and interior planning, I understand the importance of designing wheelchair-accessible spaces. In this blog post, I delve deep into analyzing Google Maps and exploring its potential as an assistive technology.