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Design Critique: The Domino’s App (iOS)

Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the US and the world over. They are industry leaders in terms of innovation, marketing, supply chain management and coming up with innovative campaigns such as the recent ‘Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery’ service that delivers pizza to you anywhere you like, without requiring your address.This along with their market position and popularity should ideally mean they have an extremely efficient, user friendly and responsive website and app interface.And through this design critique, I shed light on some key usability issues I noticed in the Domino‘s app interface.

Design Critique: Medium Website

Medium is an influential online blog platform, that seamlessly brings together professionals, publishers, and knowledge enthusiasts. It offers a rich mix of original and curated content, fostering a vibrant space for sharing ideas and insights. Catering to both those seeking knowledge and content creators, it serves as a hub for quality articles, fostering meaningful discussions. …

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MiMu Glove on an open hand facing downward with a logo superimposed underneath

Assistive Technology: MiMu Gloves

Utilizing spatial sensors in the fabric of the gloves and on the cuff of the wrist, wearers can map sounds and instruments to specific gestures and movements. For musicians with disabilities that can affect their ability to play instruments, MiMu’s gloves widen the range of access to music making by linking those instruments to gestures.

Design Critique:Doordash(Android App)

DoorDash is a versatile food delivery application enabling users to explore and order from local restaurants based on their geographical location. Beyond its primary service, DoorDash extends its offerings to include grocery and various convenience item deliveries in select regions, enhancing its utility and convenience for users. Log in Page The login page(figure 1.1) of …

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Design Critique: Zocdoc (iOS App)

Zocdoc is a healthcare appointment scheduling platform, that plays a role in connecting users with healthcare providers seamlessly. It helps users identify and schedule in-person or telemedicine appointments for health or dental services. Additionally, the portal serves as a rating and comparison database for doctors and dentists. Let’s explore Zocdoc’s interface through the lens of …

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