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MiMu Glove on an open hand facing downward with a logo superimposed underneath

Assistive Technology: MiMu Gloves

Utilizing spatial sensors in the fabric of the gloves and on the cuff of the wrist, wearers can map sounds and instruments to specific gestures and movements. For musicians with disabilities that can affect their ability to play instruments, MiMu’s gloves widen the range of access to music making by linking those instruments to gestures.

Design Critique: Resy (iOS App)

Introduction Resy is a digital platform that allows users to seamlessly reserve tables at restaurants or tickets to events/experiences. The platform provides restaurant details, menu highlights, images, and user ratings – all of which enhance the reservation experience. This article critiques the Resy App using the principles mentioned in Don Norman’s “The Design of Everyday …

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Design Critique: The Amtrak App (IOS)

Introduction: Amtrak is an application that mainly serves for customers looking to purchase tickets, check train statuses, and manage users’ travel plans with America’s national railroad service. This critique focuses on the application’s user experience based on Don Norman’s design principles as outlined in his book “The Design of Everyday Things”. As a frequent user …

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Design Critique: X-Plane Store (Web Interface)

Introduction X-plane store is an online marketplace and community forum for flight-simulation enthusiasts. Built specifically for the flight-simulation software X-plane, this store allows users to purchase and upload add-ons, modifications and other content to improve their flight simulation experience inside the X-plane software. Who is this service for? As per the organization’s ethos, their primary …

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Image depicting the use of assistive touch on Apple watch

Assistive Technology: Apple Watch

The Apple watch is a wearable technology marvel that not only is a timepiece but a companion, a personal trainer, a communication hub, all wrapped around the wrist. It offers a wealth of features like a built-in screen reader, the ability to enable grayscale, adjust text size, increase contrast of elements on the screen, and many more that empower individuals of all abilities.

A hand holds and iPhone 15 which displays the Precision Finding feature. The screen is green with a white arrow pointing straight ahead.

Assistive Technology: Precision Finding on Apple’s iPhone 15

Precision Finding is a new feature on the iPhone 15 that uses ultra-wideband technology to allow users to guide themselves to other users who share their location. Although the application is new in terms of Apple’s assistive technology features, and it could be especially useful for people with varying visual, hearing, and cognitive related disabilities. …

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Image showing the bancamp logo.

Design Critique: Bandcamp Radio (Android App)

Bandcamp is a popular online music platform that allows independent musicians and labels to sell and distribute their music directly to fans. One of its standout features is the Bandcamp Radio, a free radio show collection consisting of episodes from recurring radio series that offer a selection of tracks from the platform’s vast catalog curated by the host.

design critique of IKEA ios app

Design Critique: IKEA ( iOS app )

Exploring IKEA: A budget-friendly haven for furniture and home goods, fueling ideas for a cozier home IKEA is a Dutch-based multinational conglomerate known for designing and selling ready-to-assemble furniture, home decor, and various other goods and services. The IKEA app, available on both iOS and Android, provides an affordable furniture and home goods shopping experience …

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