Assistive Technology: Apple’s Live Speech & Personal Voice

In today’s world, adapting to specialized needs and empowering one to engage with their surroundings effortlessly has become possible (with considerable room for improvement) thanks to assistive technology. These assistive tools, software, or devices bridge the gaps across various models of disabilities. Building on the wave of accessibility, Apple’s Live Speech aims to break down …

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Design Critique: Strava for iPhone

Strava is an exercise tracker app and social networking tool in one. Users can track their own activities, like and comment the activities of their friends, join groups and complete challenges. Strava’s goal is to provide an easy way to track your activities and see your progress while also allowing you to join groups of likeminded exercisers and encourage your friends.

In this design critique, we’ll examine the user journey for starting an activity in the Strava iOS app.

Design Critique: Co-Star (iPhone App)

Co-Star is a popular astrology app for Gen Z (18-25 in the US) iPhone users, for it’s ability to provide easy to digest birth charts, advice for the day based on your planet transits, and a social aspect to compare and contrast charts with your added friends. (It should be noted that these daily horoscopes have been criticized for promoting negativity in users in the past.)

A hand holds a smartphone with the Shazam app open

Design Critique: Shazam (iOS)

Shazam is a music discovery app that allows users to identify recorded audio in mere seconds. In addition to surfacing song titles, artist information, time-synced lyrics, and music videos, Shazam offers Spotify and Apple Music integrations so that identified tracks can be saved to playlists.

Image description: A screenshot of Giphy's desktop browser home screen.

Design Critique: Giphy (iOS App)

Giphy is a multimedia search engine and content distributor most known for their animated, looping GIFs. Giphy’s many integration platforms include Instagram, Slack, and Twitter, but this critique will focus solely on its mobile app for iOS and the experience it provides for both searching and creating content.

Design Critique – Snapseed(iOS application)

Snapseed is a photo-editing app for android and iOS users. It is a perfect application for every novice and professional photographer/editor as it provides various detailed and powerful tools. Initial screen As the users open the Snapseed, the application always greets them with this screen(figure 1). It starts simple for users, as here they are …

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Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) is a ‘rapid’ transit system in the Northeastern New Jersey cities of Newark,Harrison,Jersey City,Hoboken,Lower and Midtown Manhattan in New York city. This application provides the user real time countdown information, schedules, trip-planning, train routes and alerts – all in one convenient place. Initial Screen/Page – PathRide’s first encounter with the user …