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A hand holds a smartphone with the Shazam app open

Design Critique: Shazam (iOS)

Shazam is a music discovery app that allows users to identify recorded audio in mere seconds. In addition to surfacing song titles, artist information, time-synced lyrics, and music videos, Shazam offers Spotify and Apple Music integrations so that identified tracks can be saved to playlists.

Design Critique: Google Art & Culture (iOS App)

The Google Arts & Culture App provides an online platform in which users can view high-resolution artworks and learn the worldwide culture of art from their smartphone anywhere and at any time. This article mainly introduces the user experiences related to augmented reality(AR) features and interactive games. Note: This design critique is focused on the …

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Design Critique: MAPS.ME (Android App)

MAPS.ME is a mobile navigation application for iPhone and Android, built on top of crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data. The application is a source for offline maps to help users who need to navigate areas with limited internet connection. The attributes of the offline maps will be critiqued based on design principles from Don Norman’s book, “Design …

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