Terms of Participation

Information Experience Design at Pratt (hereafter, IXD@Pratt) is a website maintained by faculty and students (hereafter, Site Administrators) at Pratt Institute’s School of Information.


Any individual with a valid invitation code is able to open a IXD@Pratt account. Accounts may be granted by Site Administrators on a case-by-case basis to any other individuals or organizations.

Site Administrators reserve the right to immediately terminate a participant’s account or restrict their access if that participant’s activities are abusive to another participant. Spamming of any sort is not permitted and will result in immediate account termination. Illegal activities that actively involve IXD@Pratt will also result in immediate account termination.


IXD@Pratt makes no guarantees in the reliability or preservation of account accessibility, emails sent or received, and files uploaded or created by online editing or compilation. However, data loss should only occur during a catastrophic hardware failure in which critical files would be restored in a timely manner from regularly scheduled backups.

Data Protection / Ownership

The account information of participants will never be shared with a third party without explicit consent. Each participant is considered the owner of their own content and account information. At any time, a participant may export the contents of any site of which they are an administrator.

Participants may permanently delete their account and any sites of which they are the sole administrator. Deleted accounts, sites, and content will not be permanently archived.


By default, all content posted on IXD@Pratt is visible to everyone, including search engines and archivers. Participants who wish to use an alternate privacy option must contact the Site Administrators.

Limitation of Liability

I. Except as required by law, Pratt Institute, its employees, students, or affiliates (hereafter known as “Pratt parties”) shall not be liable for the following:

A. Any damages suffered or incurred by IXD@Pratt participants or any third party that arise in connection with the website or its services. Damages include, but are not limited to:

loss of revenue or income,
lost profits,
pain and suffering,
emotional distress,
cost of substitute goods or services,
any other similar damages.

II. The limitation of liability applies even if the IXD@Pratt parties have been advised of such damages.

III. The IXD@Pratt parties shall not be responsible or liable whatsoever in any manner for any content posted on the websites or services. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. claims of infringement relating to content or services, for your use of the websites and services, or for
  2. the conduct of third parties whether on the websites, in connection with the services of otherwise relating to the websites or service.


Unless otherwise noted, IXD@Pratt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All content within IXD@Pratt are bound by this same copyright unless otherwise specified by the content’s author. It is the responsibility of content authors to designate a different copyright if they see fit.


These terms are based on those of DH@PrattSILS, which in turn are based on OpenCUNY.org’s Terms of Participation.