Assistive Technology: Samsung Gem’s Exoskeleton

At CES 2019, Samsung introduced GAITS (Gait enhancing and motivating system), a line of wearables to assist various body parts (hip, knee, ankle). Gems-H, a walking assistant designed to correct posture, provide stability, increase the walking pace and provide resistance to help with injury rehabilitation was a prototype that caught a lot of attention. With constant …

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Psychology in User Experience

Psychology is the study of human cognition and behavior. The following blog post explains the correlation between the human mind and its application in the field of user experience with Hicks, Millers, Fitts and Peak-end law being the main focus. HICKS LAW The time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and …

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Eye Tracking – Usability Testing Methodology

In today’s digital world, creating interfaces that are user-friendly and understandable is indispensable, making usability testing and identifying usability concerns a crucial part of the process. Amongst many, eye tracking has gained popularity over the past decade. A method wherein a participant’s eye movement is tracked with almost no direct contact with the tester. A …

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Design Critique: Genius (Android App)

Genius is a highly sought-after American media company, founded in 2009. It aims at spreading music knowledge, from song lyrics to the artist and the stories behind the creation. The company offers musicians, editors, contributors and, fans to explore, discuss, and understand the deeper meaning behind the music. Genius’s application is available on Playstore and Appstore.