Assistive Technology: Samsung electronics wearable robots

At CES 2019, Samsung Electronics introduced a new wearable device that was called “GEMS”. GEMS is a short version of “Gait Enhancing & Motivating System” and as the name suggested, GEMS is a wearable robot that helps people who need walking assistance, especially those who have weakened leg muscles or are in a recovering process …

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Design Critique: Leke Fitness Application

Leke Fitness is a chain gym brand in China. Its business includes gym operation and professional trainer service. I started using their service last summer and the overall experience is good. To experience their whole services, the user has to be either a member of a gym, or the user can book a trainer service and use the gym for free with limited-time access. Many different types of human-computer interactions occur in the process but I will focus on their mobile application.

Design Story-NYC Parks+COVID-19 Toolkit

responsive design

About the Project New York City Park manages more than 30,000 acres of land. Their official website has not been optimized for mobile devices. New Yorkers’ increasing demand for public space when most residents need to stay home has changed the way users interact with parks. There are two primary stakeholders: The NYC parks website team …

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Design Critique – app)

The COVID pandemic hurts the world economy badly but brings a positive impact in one industry, which is the gaming industry. I’m a gamer, but before COVID I only watch gaming videos when I am stuck in a game. However, during the pandemic, I spent much more free time to watch e-sports or live streaming …

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Weekly Critic on

To begin with: An Introduction on is a website for both professional and amateur photographers to present, critique, sell, and purchase photographs or their service. Thus, because of the commodity here are high-quality photos and the selling process requires advanced knowledge on licensing, the website may target more experienced audiences. As a professional …

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