Interview with Luna Chen, an interaction designer at Google

Luna Chen is an interaction designer who works for google. She got an architecture degree from Harbin Institute of Technology and later she got her master’s degree from UCB. During her time at Salesforce, Luna got an HCI certification from MIT. The reason why I chose to interview her is that she has a rich …

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Design Critique: Leke Fitness Application

Leke Fitness is a chain gym brand in China. Its business includes gym operation and professional trainer service. I started using their service last summer and the overall experience is good. To experience their whole services, the user has to be either a member of a gym, or the user can book a trainer service and use the gym for free with limited-time access. Many different types of human-computer interactions occur in the process but I will focus on their mobile application.

Weekly Critic on

To begin with: An Introduction on is a website for both professional and amateur photographers to present, critique, sell, and purchase photographs or their service. Thus, because of the commodity here are high-quality photos and the selling process requires advanced knowledge on licensing, the website may target more experienced audiences. As a professional …

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