Author name: Wuke Zhou

Assistive Technology: Samsung electronics wearable robots

At CES 2019, Samsung Electronics introduced a new wearable device that was called “GEMS”. GEMS is a short version of “Gait Enhancing & Motivating System” and as the name suggested, GEMS is a wearable robot that helps people who need walking assistance, especially those who have weakened leg muscles or are in a recovering process …

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Design Critique: Leke Fitness Application

Leke Fitness is a chain gym brand in China. Its business includes gym operation and professional trainer service. I started using their service last summer and the overall experience is good. To experience their whole services, the user has to be either a member of a gym, or the user can book a trainer service and use the gym for free with limited-time access. Many different types of human-computer interactions occur in the process but I will focus on their mobile application.

Weekly Critic on

To begin with: An Introduction on is a website for both professional and amateur photographers to present, critique, sell, and purchase photographs or their service. Thus, because of the commodity here are high-quality photos and the selling process requires advanced knowledge on licensing, the website may target more experienced audiences. As a professional …

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