Design Story (Alexander Street)

Alexander Street Landing Page Redesign:


Project Brief:

The goal of this project was to ensure that the users of Alexander Street Press, a video and primary source archive for educational programming, were met with the highest possible satisfactory landing page. One that would aide in sign-up statistics and let the users know what it is that Alexander Street has that no one else does.Continue Reading »

Expert Voices Interview about the importance of kindness in design

I interviewed an employee in a big design company, and she told me her work details, which prove the importance of kindness in creativity. Her job title is the product designer and has worked for 3 years. She served as one of the designers of creating and editing videos and pictures in the company, and she is also one of the early members of the advanced technology and research team.… Continue Reading »

Interview with a UX Designer about Gaining a UX Job

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I interviewed a user experience designer, who currently works at VMware Inc. in Palo Alto, California. VMware is a worldwide company, providing various products and services for clients, like workspace management, server software, cloud management, etc. She has worked as a user experience designer for designing admin software for four years.

For this interview, I primarily focused on how to succeed to gain a UX job.Continue Reading »

Expert Voices Interview with Sarah Doody about UX Education

Sarah Doody

Sarah Doody is an NYC based user experience designer and product strategist. She works with startups to help them launch their initial product as well helping companies already in market optimize their user experiences. She is the founder of a popular UX newsletter – The UX Notebook. Sarah also teaching about user experience, she co-developed and taught General Assembly’s first 12 week UX course.… Continue Reading »

Expert Voices Interview with Peter Knocke, UX Director and Digital Strategy Consultant

In short, Peter Knocke positions himself as a UX Director and Digital Strategy Consultant. He continuously works with a variety of organizations, ranging from small start-up groups to larger, multi-brand companies. The main selling points that he stresses in his description are that he provides product and business strategy and collaborates with many teams to build and refine digital products.Continue Reading »