Designing for Happiness: An Interview with Pamela Pavliscak

Elements of Happiness - Pamela Pavliscak

I spoke with Pamela Pavliscak, UX researcher, data scientist, and founder at Change Sciences. I was interested in how Pamela’s background in Information Science influences her work today. Pamela also spoke about Positive Design, the challenges she faced and still faces with Change Sciences, the future of the field, and what she reads to stay up-to-date.

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A Discussion with the Usability Research Team at Wiley

I met with Vikki and Akiko, usability researchers at Wiley Publishing, to talk about usability and its role at Wiley. Wiley is an educational content and software development company (although the word “publishing” is still part of the company name, Wiley is really much more technology-driven than this word implies). As usability researchers, Vikki and …

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