Queens Historical Society


About the Project

At the beginning of the semester we were broken up into groups and asked to tackle redesigning the Queens Historical Society website. In my group, each of us identify key issues within the website, these key issues helped us design a more friendly website using the following procedure.


Current Design



Upon looking at the Queens Historical Society website some of the key issues are the double navigation bars, the non-interactive slider, the follow of content and the heavy text content located on the first page.… Continue Reading »

Design Story: Queens Historical Society

Design Story: QHS Redesign Project



MAJR Queens was contracted to complete a user-centered redesign of the Queens Historical Society (QHS) website emphasizing an improved user experience and responsive, multi-platform design.  The  4-month project generated several deliverables which supported efforts to understand users, structure content and design the final  prototypes. –Jo Polanco, UX Research


The QHS is a repository of collections on the history of Queens and Long Island housed in an 18th century homestead building.  Continue Reading »

Design Story for the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum


Group: Arushi, Julie, Alexa, Krissy.

The Challenge:

Our group had the opportunity to reimagine a new website for the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Complex. The goal was to research users and analyze content to create a prototype we feel best serves the Intrepid mission while giving users a flawless and consistent experience.… Continue Reading »

Design Story: Intreprid Sea, Air & Space Museum Website

Design Story: Chimera Calendar App

By Kristen Droesch & Lily Martin, Spring 2017

For our Advanced UX Design course, we were charged with developing and prototyping a new calendar system.

We kicked off our project by selecting the user group we were most interested in designing for, eventually settling on arts and media freelancers. To boil down the essential needs of our users, we identified key traits we knew to be common among arts and media freelancers, as we are both well-acquainted with multiple freelancers ourselves and have witnessed roadblocks to their productivity on many occasions.Continue Reading »

A Redesign Proposal for the Voorheesville Public Library Website

In order to propose a redesign for the Voorheesville Public Library’s website, we conducted a user-centered review, test, and analysis of the information architecture and interactive design of the site. It appeared to be clogged with duplicated content in an overly complex structure, and was not adapted for mobile. Our goals were to conduct research and design a more effective user experience for desktop and mobile platforms, in interactive prototypes.… Continue Reading »

Our Streets, Our Stories: A Case Study

The Concept


Our Streets, Our Stories is an ongoing oral history project run by the Brooklyn Public Library. The program aims to collect the personal stories of community residents throughout Brooklyn neighborhoods through recorded interviews.

As an Our Streets, Our Stories volunteer responsible for conducting interviews, I initially set out to design a web-based solution for making the audio recording process easier for volunteers such as myself.… Continue Reading »

iSo Tones: A Case Study

iSo Tones is a mobile music app for students, instructors, and music enthusiasts. It isolates and plays back the different layers of a track. The app also allows users to record themselves singing, or playing, whatever a particular layer and send that recording to friends and instructors for feedback.

Initial Research: User Groups

After conducting a competitive analysis of current music apps with similar functions, informal interviews were conducted with users who are active participants in formal music groups.… Continue Reading »

ARTinerary: A Case Study

ARTinerary: A Case Study

ARTinerary is a unique resource for art critics, students, tourists as well as gallery and museum staff that enables the user to create an itinerary of gallery exhibitions from our extensive directory in New York City.  Offering a variety of pathways to search, there is also a discoverability element to ARTinerary through reviews and featured exhibitions.… Continue Reading »

StoreFronts: A Case Study

StoreFronts is a scrapbook-like app, where users are encouraged to take photos of restaurants’ and bars’ storefronts to visually discover, capture, and organize the shared dining out experience.


To begin the design process, research was conducted to evaluate the value proposition of StoreFronts. Research took the form of two interviews and a competitive review of four similar apps.… Continue Reading »

Designing a Better Information Experience for the Asia Society Museum

In Spring 2015, a team of students from my Projects in Information Experience Design course (LIS 682) at Pratt Institute planned and implemented a semester-long research and design project aimed at helping the Asia Society Museum better engage with college-aged adults. Course projects covered three broad areas: Communication, Engagement, and Interactivity.

Project activities included stakeholder interviews with museum staff, surveys with nearly 100 college-aged adults, literature reviews, subject matter expert interviews, on-site observations, and comparative visitor experience reviews.


ixdcommunicationThe Communication team presented a proposal for the Asia Society Museum to bring in more visitors to the museum by appealing to different motivations through their social media accounts. They also proposed an evaluation method and workflow to assess the efficacy of these new outreach and communication methods.

Student Team: Carlos Acevedo, Marlee Walters, Andrew Wong-Crocitto

Group deliverables are available upon request. Please contact Professor MacDonald for details.


ixdengagementThe Engagement team presented a proposal to re-conceptualize the lobby of the Asia Society Museum as a “transitional space” that (a) helps visitors transition from the outside environment; (b) sets the stage for the visitor; (c) prepares the visitor for navigating and experiencing the museum; and (d) evokes an emotional connection by creating a calm, tranquil environment, with a warm, welcoming vibe.

Student Team: Bowon Chung, Jacob Laurenti, Diana Sapanaro

Group deliverables are available upon request. Please contact Professor MacDonald for details.


ixdinteractivityThe Interactivity team presented a proposal for a re-designed interface for the Asia Society Museum’s interactive kiosk. The kiosk was designed to be (a) unobtrusive and non-distracting: it doesn’t pull visitors away from the exhibit, but rather enriches the museum’s content; and (b) intuitive, user-friendly, and content-driven: the navigation is streamlined, the content is clearly labeled, and the interface utilizes design principles to enhance the overall mood and theme of the museum environment.

Student Team: Rachel Bronstein, Hannah Goldstein, Meredith Powers

Group deliverables are available upon request. Please contact Professor MacDonald for details.