Author name: Scott Dunay

Crafting Oppenheimer’s Inclusive Digital Future

Embarking on a transformative mission, our team set out to revolutionize Oppenheimer Financial Institution’s digital landscape, a finance pillar with over 140 years of expertise. Our goal was ambitious yet clear: to develop a comprehensive design system that foregrounds accessibility and enhances user experience. This endeavor aimed not just to refine visuals but to reimagine […]

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Medscape: Search Usability Evaluation

8-minute read Executive Summary Our team conducted a thorough usability evaluation of the search experience on, with an emphasis on improving user interactions and optimizing the search results page. We selected and evaluated 10 participants using surveys to gain valuable insight into their search experiences. This evaluation’s deliverables include comprehensive usability test results and

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Design Critique: TikTok (IOS App) TikTok is a social media platform that has become a sensation on the internet. Launched in 2016, it enables users to create, share, and discover lightning-quick videos that showcase their creativity, humor, and passion. Its user-friendly layout and personalized content recommendations have quickly become one of the most popular platforms

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