Design Critique: Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is an app built to provide the runner with the community, guidance, and motivation they need to reach their running goals. The clean design and various features make it different from other running apps. By using Nike Run Club app, the runner can track their progress and get real-time feedback, get their run with coaching and workouts.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Guides by Lonely Planet (iOS App)

The travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet released its compact travel guide mobile application in 2016, packed with offline maps, must-see sights, neighborhood guides, audio phrase books, and top advice from on-the-ground editors of 243 cities (as of Version 1.14.0 updated on Jan. 30. 2019).

The conceptual model of Guide by Lonely Planet comes from the original printed Lonely Planet City Guidebooks.Continue Reading »

Design Critique – Imessage (Apple)


In this design critique assignment, I will apply concepts discussed by Don Norman in The Design of Everyday Things to evaluate 4 attributes of iMessage, an instant messaging service platform designed by Apple in 2011, which allows a user to send message, attachment, contact information and money transaction. In general, the application itself has a simple and understandable interface in terms of basic task like sending a message, media, and etc.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Beauty Plus App(IOS)

Introduction: Beauty Plus is a camera application produced by Meitu, Inc. This application allows people to adjust their photos in a fast and easy way. Users can change the tone, contrast, filter of their photo. They can even beautify their photos by covering their acne, black circle, changing their body size — become taller or slimmer, modifying their facial features — magnify the eyes or take the weight off the face, and so forth.Continue Reading »

The Joy of Navigation: A Design Story

About the project

UX-Women was tasked with optimizing the mobile experience for to accommodate the growing desire for a robust mobile access. Based on our stakeholder interview, we interpreted mobile optimization to include a more seamless experience from desktop to mobile, and from physical libraries to the web.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we followed a process of design, plan and frame, create, and evolve.Continue Reading »

Enhancing The Pratt Institute Libraries Experience – UX Research and Recommendations


The Pratt Institute Libraries is an academic library institution serving three campuses in the New York area. The Libraries’ main building is located on Pratt’s Brooklyn campus with collections and services that focus on the visual arts, architecture, design, creative writing, and related fields.

The mission of the Pratt Institute Libraries is to provide outstanding service and access to a resource-rich environment that facilitates critical thinking and creative teaching and learning in the Pratt community.Continue Reading »

A Brief Introduction to Zeplin and Adobe capture

UIuiAs a UX designer, there are many software or apps to accelerate the work. Zeplin and adobe capture are two useful application for UX designer to enhance their efficiency, containing collaborating with other colleagues and accumulating design material library.


The final work of a UX design project is high fidelity prototype, and then it normally will be sent to engineers who would build it by programming.… Continue Reading »