Design Critique: Venmo (App)

I choose Venmo (App) as my design critique topic. Venmo is an online digital “wallet” for people to make and share payments between their friends. It makes easier among friends to split the bill. The critique is based on the principles and methodologies from Don Norman’s book: Design of Everyday Things. In the critique, I want to discuss how Venmo meets/fails at these principles.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: CamScanner (iOS app)

CamScanner is a mobile scanner application, which helps people to scan files in a quick and convenient way. Users can use it to snapshot office documents and manage images. CamScanner has three main features: 1. Being available anytime to scan and send scans to anywhere, even out of the office. 2. Enhancing image quality automatically and easy to export the files in multiple ways.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Uber iOS app


Having recently moved to New York from New Jersey, where everyone drives to their destinations, I have found myself using the Uber app more than ever. The convenience and navigational elements help me understand exactly what is going to happen during my trip (or at least make me feel like I do).… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Capital One Bank – (Website Desktop).


The website being reviewed for this critique is a Capital One bank website. The bank provides both app and desktop digital platforms for customers. The platform I will be looking at is a personal user account from a desktop computer. For most financial institutions today customer retention is a tough task and converting new users is even harder.Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Capital One Bank – (Website Desktop).

Design Critique: EveryDollar (webapp)


EveryDollar – Home Budgeting Made Easy

EveryDollar is a home budgeting app, available for web and iPhone, that is designed to make money management easy. The app was created by The Lampo Group, an organization based around radio show personality and financial authority figure Dave Ramsey, who advocates a debt-free lifestyle for Americans. The EveryDollar app uses zero-based budgeting to provide a framework for spending decisions.… Continue Reading »

Venmo is a mobile payment sharing application that allows people to transfer money from one user to another  acting like somewhat of a digital wallet. In order send money, users must link their bank to Venmo so to off-load payments. It also acts like a social media platform in which people can ‘like’, ‘friend request’, comment on posts, and additionally, it contains three separate newsfeeds including personal, your network, and global.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Venmo (iOS app)

Design Critique: Final Fantasy VI (iOS app)

Image result for ffvi ios battle gifFinal Fantasy VI is a Japanese role playing game that was originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1994. In 2014, it was ported to iOS and now features a completely redesigned control scheme and UI. The design changes make the classic game compatible with the touch-based interface of modern phones. As video game design is complex and involves many different interlocking systems, this design critique will focus entirely on the combat user interface, which works according to a turn-based menu system dubbed ATB or Active Time Battle.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Goodreads IOS App is a site that allows users to keep track of books they have read as well as books they want to read. It also allows them to see what their friends are reading and offers the user recommendations to other titles based on what they have already read. Goodreads is also available as an app for phones and tablets, with the iOS version is what I plan to critique.Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Calm (iOS app)

Calm is an app that aims to reduce anxiety and stress through guided meditations, nature sounds, and sleep stories. A wide range of preferences are accommodated: hurried users can quickly launch a 10-minute “Daily Calm,” while users seeking specificity can pursue 30-day programs centered around a particular theme. Named Apple’s 2017 App of the Year on iPhone, a staggering 5-10 million users have downloaded the app.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Insight Timer (android app)

Insight Timer Logo

Insight Timer is the most widely used meditation app in the world and offers many features to support an online community practice. The platform connects thousands of global teaching practitioners with millions of meditators by providing access to free uploads of a variety of sessions. This app is for seasoned and novice meditators who seek tech tools to enhance their mindfulness experience.… Continue Reading »