Design Critique: UniFi OS (web)

Ubiquiti Inc.’s UniFi OS is an all-in-one network device managing software. UniFi OS allows users to set up connected Ubiquti devices such as network routers, switches and wireless access points. Users can also monitor network traffics and client devices, while having advance features such as port forwarding and network isolations for a robust network setup. …

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Design Critique: Co–Star (iPhone App)

Co–Star is an mobile Astrology application that gained major adoption among the Gen Z population. In fact the company boasts that “25% of young women in the US (18-25) have downloaded Co–Star” in just four years. The primary functions of the app are to provide daily horoscopes to users and compatibility assessments among friends.

Design Critique: Getir (iOS app)

Getir is a delivery service app that promises to provide grocery items of necessity in minutes. Founded in Turkey in 2015, it expanded internationally within years, and recently it has launched in New York City. It has a clear and understandable layout that highlights the products. Initial Login The application follows a very typical format …

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Design Critique: Zara (iOS) App

Zara is a world renowned spanish apparel retailer based in Arteixo, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. The company specializes in fashion products including clothing, accessories, footwear and beauty. Zara has a strong presence in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Europe, Latin America and Asia. They launched their website in 2010 and mobile based application in 2017. …

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Design Critique: (Desktop Website) is a US-based e-commerce company where sellers sell and buyers buy both new and used items, such as clothing, accessories, home decor, furniture, electronic equipment, cars, sporting goods, collectibles, and more. This critique will be from the viewpoint of a user shopping for women’s clothing. The Main Homepage The homepage (Figure 1) is loaded …

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Design Critique: Calendar (iOS mobile app)

Design Critique - Calendar

The iOS built-in calendar App supports users to track dates, arrange events, and set reminders. As a built-in App, its apple store rate is only 2.6 out of 5. This article would critique the calendar App based on some concepts discussed in Don Norman’s book- The Design of Everyday Things. 1 – Add an event …

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Design Critique: Beli (iOS app)

Beli is a curated restaurant discovery application to help users find places to eat based on their personal network. Users are able to rank and curate lists of their favorite restaurants as well as share helpful notes and pictures with their followers. The more ratings you give the more tailored your restaurant recommendations will be. …

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Design Critique: Dunkin’ Donuts (iPhone Mobile App)

The Dunkin’ Donuts mobile app allows customers to locate their nearest physical store location, place online orders ahead of time, and receive points and loyalty rewards, among other things. Essentially, it exists to provide additional convenience and incentives for those who are customers of Dunkin’ Donuts.

Design Critique: The RealReal (desktop)

The RealReal is an online consignment store that buys and sells authenticated luxury clothing, accessories and home goods. The website interface is designed for the conventions of consignment stores, in which the user may be a buyer, seller, or both. This critique assesses the balance and usability of these two potential pathways for the user. …

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