Assistive Technology: OrCam Read

Reading is a fun diversion, whether it’s a riveting novel or an interesting blog post or a funny tweet. It becomes a challenge when you are sleep-deprived or in a noisy environment and it’s hard to concentrate. This simple activity poses an even greater challenge for people with cognitive impairments that affect their ability to read.

Assistive Technology: Curb Cuts

Low shot of a person in a wheelchair preparing to roll through a curb cut.

The curb cut is a work of assistive technology so commonplace that it is more a part of assistive infrastructure than a “product.” Curb cuts, those short concrete ramps found at just about every pedestrian intersection in the United States, provide a gentle slope from an elevated sidewalk to the street surface below. About 1 …

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Assistive Technology: Jacquard by Google

The Jacquard tag by Google is a wearable technology that is able to live within your daily objects. By integrating, the tag connects physical things to the everyday needs of technology with simple gestures which can be customized within an app. The tag benefits people with disabilities with simplified ways to use technology with compatibility …

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Assistive Technology: Closed Captioning

Closed captioning was primarily created to assist people who are deaf or hearing-impaired in comprehending the audio content of a video. It provides people an option to display the audio portion of a video as text on the screen. This technology is extremely important because it provides “a critical link to news, entertainment, and information for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.”

Assistive Technology: KOMP – The one-button computer

KOMP - One Button Computer

KOMP is a one-button computer designed by No Isolation, for the elderly to be able to connect with their family members. KOMP is primarily a communication device for their families that allows them to share photos of their day-to-day lives, send messages, reminders, and make video calls.  By giving the elderly access to these technological …

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Assistive Technology: Automatic Sliding Doors

In today’s society, automatic doors have become a common sight on across the globe. They are often found at retail stores, commercial buildings, offices, public buildings, clinics, etc. These doors are usually installed for purposes like ease of action or aesthetic appeal. Buildings opting for automatic sliding doors are generally buildings with a large flow …

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