Design Story: Aquarius Records Website

This project was created and graded for INFO-643 Information Architecture & Interaction Design at Pratt Institute School of Information. PlatformMobile/Web RoleResearcher and Co-Designer w/ Sarah Tsao, Jing Peng, and Chris FerreraKey Project Framework: Research and Development, Information Architecture, Interaction, User Testing, Wireframing and Prototyping SoftwareFigmaInVisionUser-Testing.comOptimal WorkshopZoom Project Summary Music is a universal language. Most individuals …

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Design Critique – Sleep Cycle (Android App)

Sleep Cycle is an alarm-like mobile application that helps users have a better sleep by relaxing them at bedtime, tracking their sleep and waking them up at the light sleep phase. This post reviews this application according to Norman’s Design Principles with the following tasks: play a sleep aid, set up an alarm and close …

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A Secret Weapon to Enhance UX: Microcopy

Microcopy might be a relatively strange term for many people. Even designers know what it means, microcopy is easy to be overlooked in the design process. However Microcopy is everywhere in our digital product. From the label on a call-to-action button, to the pop-up message on a certain interface, designers use it involuntarily as a …

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Introduction to Service Safari

Service Safari is an exploration of service from a customer experience perspective. This methodology is commonly used by service designers; however, recently ux designers have been using this methodology to help them in their early research phase.