Assistive Technology: RogerVoice

In radio aviation communication, “Roger that” meant “Received”. Through Rogervoice, you can understand voice calls. Thanks to your plane (the Rogervoice app!) and your copilots (interpreters and speech professionals), you get to pilot your own calls and arrive at your destination: independence.

Roger Voice

It is always not easy for people with hearing difficulties to enjoy phone calls. But now, with RogerVoice, the situation is different!

RogerVoice is an application that utilizes algorithms and “Automatic text transformation” skills to analyze voice and transform it into text displayed on the phone screen in real-time by connecting to the telephone network. Users with hearing disabilities can see the application translating the speech of the person they are talking to into text during the call. They can then reply by either speaking or texting. If it’s a text, the system reads the message in real-time, facilitating a seamless conversation.

This innovation eliminates the worries associated with phone calls for people with hearing difficulties, aligning with the functional solutions model. It applies new technology to successfully transform how we communicate, share information, and learn.

RogerVoice is not limited to people with hearing problems or deaf individuals; it benefits anyone needing to clearly understand phone calls in less-than-ideal situations (e.g., a person in a noisy restaurant receiving an emergency call). Its functionality is versatile, assisting users in staying connected with family and friends, scheduling appointments, and especially serving as a valuable tool for people with hearing problems getting job interviews calls. This aligns well with the economic model, providing a timely service that helps them capture job opportunities without missing out.

To start using this product, users simply need to install the application, which works for both iOS and Android, and they make any call with internet connection. To receive calls, Roger voice provides a unique number to users, and with the number, users are able to receive incoming calls at no extra cost. Overall, the product demonstrates high utility, addressing the challenges faced by those who struggle with phone calls, great accessibility and usability that allows users to achieve their goals easily, and compatibility, enabling users to enjoy the service using their existing phone devices without the need for additional equipment.

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Regarding affordability, it’s challenging to categorize it due to varying economic conditions among users. However, RogerVoice offers a short-term free trial for new users to make calls and provides two type of plans: a subscription or the option to add minutes by the hour with more advanced features. This flexibility allows users to choose the most affordable option for them. Simultaneously, the product demonstrates viability in ensuring the company and the product can sustain operations.

The co-founder and CEO of RogerVoice, Olivier Jeannel, lost his hearing at the age of 2. As a deaf individual, he deeply understands the inconveniences this disability can cause. In 2011, the idea of using speech recognition skills sparked in his mind. He worked diligently on it, believing it could bring about positive changes for people like him. RogerVoice adopts the charity/tragedy model in its development process, raising over a million in funding through the Kickstarter platform. The product has captured people’s attention since then, and, until now, more than 5,000,000 calls have been made using RogerVoice, with many more to come!