Voiceitt (Cover)

Assistive Technology: Voiceitt

Voiceitt is a voice-enabled experience for individuals with non-standard speech: people with disabilities, aging voices and accented speakers. It uses voice recognition technology based on AI to enable people with speech disabilities to communicate using their own voice. The technology adapts by learning the unique speech patterns of each user to provide real-time transcription and synthesized speech output. 

This automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology combines machine learning techniques and a growing database of proprietary non-standard speech recordings, to create an intuitive and accessible voice experience. It supports in-person communication and can be integrated with numerous productivity tools, making it easier to carry out essential tasks to facilitate greater independence in everyday life.

How does it work?

Each user trains the software by following simple prompts on the screen through the Voiceitt web-based application or with the help of an edge device. The training of the software is a time consuming process and can take a few hours to complete. After the training is completed, Voiceitt can be easily used in everyday life. It becomes more accurate with use and adjusts if the user’s speech deteriorates over time. The technology aligns with the functional model of disability as it aims to support individuals with speech impairments or limitations by allowing them to communicate using their own voice. The product provides functionality to it’s users by facilitating faster communication by eliminating the need for a complex AAC device or app.

Voiceitt also subscribes to the social model of disability by creating an environment that enables individuals with non-standard speech to participate in voice-enabled experiences. The product is designed to be accessible and inclusive. It can be used independently as a ASR for non-standard speakers or used with another ASR system as an accessibility extension. Alongside an additional interface that is tailored for people with limited motor control and speech impairments.

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The application is operating system agnostic and can be accessed through the web, making it compatible across numerous devices. It can be used on a phone, tablet, or a computer. It can also be used when launching FaceTime calls, with Amazon Alexa and other smart assistants. The Voiceitt service is currently integrated with Webex, allowing for users to seamlessly communicate in web conferences, but not currently available for Zoom and Teams.

Voiceitt for Webex aims to make video conferences more accessible for employees at the workplace.

Providing Voice Based Accessibility

This technology aligns with the social identity model of disability, by creating an inclusive environment that enables people with different speech patterns to communicate with little effort. Voiceitt works for people with different levels of severity of speech disability, from mild to moderate. Since the app learns an individual’s unique speech, it can accommodate phrases in any language. But the interface of the application is limited to English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Hebrew. This means that numerous features of the software are unavailable to individuals across the world.

The application is available based on a subscription model, charging $49.99 per month or $499.99 per year. While they offer a 30-day free trial for users to test it out, the price is quite expensive for a lot of individuals, if not completely inaccessible. While being quite expensive in the long run, this technology also addresses the economic model of disability by facilitating more independence and productivity in the workplace. It helps individuals in effortlessly completing tasks like taking notes, dictating documents and writing emails.


Voiceitt is a transformative piece of technology for people with speech impairments. It aims to be a truly inclusive communication and collaboration tool. People have an inherent tendency to communicate, being able to connect to friends, family and colleagues is to crucial to their well-being. This technology enables all individuals to communicate using synthetic speech and the device’s speaker.

While training is time consuming and there aren’t a wide range of languages available currently, the database of non-standard speech continues to grow, improving the performance of the application. Voiceitt will continue to make a difference in the lives of its users, enabling them to communicate with others and technology.