Author name: Shivani Ishwar

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Evaluation Story

A team of four researchers completed an analysis of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s website in order to provide the Aquarium’s digital team with recommendations on how to increase email subscriptions from its live-cam viewing audience. This research was completed for the Digital Analytics class at Pratt Institute taught by Prof. Elena Villaespesa. Project Overview client meeting […]

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Image of an eye chart used to test vision.

Usability Testing for Visually Impaired Audiences

The ultimate goal of usability testing is to ensure that users have the best possible experience using an interface. This is a tall order, so it helps to have a diverse group of users testing the interface. One important group to consider is users with visual disabilities, since they use most technology in very different ways than non-disabled users. When inviting visually impaired users to test a product, it’s essential to understand how the testing process differs, and the reasons behind the changes.

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Design Critique: Spotify (iOS app)

Design Critique: Spotify (iOS app)

Spotify is a popular music-streaming service that provides its users with access to millions of songs from a multitude of creators. WIth a Spotify account, a user can save their preferred music and access it from any device that supports Spotify—including mobile phones, computers, and web browsers. This design critique focuses on Spotify’s app for iOS devices.

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