Author name: Sara Sarmiento

Case Study: Improving the order flow for NYC based courier service Airpals

Airpals is a B2B courier service based in New York City. Airpals is a relatively young company, operating with a small team with few resources to spare for research, thus our usability testing was especially valuable to the company. Our usability evaluation focused on their order form for scheduling a courier pickup and delivery, which is at the heart of the business. We recruited participants who fit the company’s user profile—people working in New York City based companies who would use a delivery service for work—to conduct moderated user testing of the interface. After analyzing our results, we provided Airpals with 6 recommendations for larger issues, and an additional 4 recommended adjustments for smaller, but nevertheless important, issues.

Design Critique: Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a sleep tracking app and alarm system. By analyzing your sleep, the app will wake you at an ideal time in your sleep cycle, allowing you to wake more easily and naturally. The app also provides additional information about your sleep patterns and support for better sleep.