Author name: Wicky Wu

Design Critique:

What does PACKLANE.COM do? Packlane is a website for creating and ordering custom boxes and packaging. Its platform allows users to adding their designs on their choice of packaging types. Besides providing a designing dashboard for customers, packlane also includes many inspirations and works to showcase product from previous customers. The unique and creative website …

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Design Critique: Zara (Mobile App)

Zara is a well-known Spanish apparel retailer, specializing in fast fashion, leading design trends for young shoppers and promoting creative design and special materials using. The branding is very strong through out its website and mobile app. However, in terms of functionality of its digital tools, there are a lot to comment.

Design Critique: Jesse James Garret’s 5 Elements in:

What does Kinnarps do? Kinnarps is a Swedish product company that owns several brands(Kinnarps, drabert, MARTINSTOLL, etc.). Their core products are office products, education products and healthcare products. In their website, you can find all their products, each product details as well as how to purchase it through third-party dealer. They have a great organization …

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