Design Critique: SkyScanner (Android Mobile App)

INTRODUCTION: Skyscanner is a leading online platform renowned for simplifying travel planning and making it hassle-free for globetrotters around the world. The Skyscanner mobile application complements their online platform, providing users with a convenient way to plan and manage their journeys using their smartphones and tablets. In this analysis, we’ll delve into the Skyscanner app, …

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Assistive Technology: Amazon Echo

Introduction to Amazon’s Echo Echo is a voice-controlled product that has the combined functions of a smart speaker and virtual assistant through Amazon’s Alexa. Without screens or physical toggles, Echo can play music, answer questions, and control smart devices like lights, locks, and other digital devices supported by Alexa. Accessibility Review of Echo’s features Smart …

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OpenDyslexic Font cover image by Abbie Gonzalez

Assistive Technology: OpenDyslexic Font

Dyslexia – a lifelong condition that affects reading, writing, spelling, and speaking. It is estimated that approximately one in five people are impacted by this disorder. It is crucial to ensure that individuals with dyslexia have access to assistive technology that enhances their accessibility and OpenDyslexic- by Abbie Gonzalez does just that. In this blog post, we will explore the OpenDyslexic Font, a typography innovation designed with dyslexic individuals in mind.

LinkedIn Design Critique

Design Critique: LinkedIn Website

Introduction: LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform designed primarily for career development and networking. Users can create their custom profile to showcase their skills, experience, and education. They can further connect with industry peers and potential employers, making it a hub for job searching, recruitment, and business networking. It also allows the users to …

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Design Critique: Goodreads iOS App

Introduction Goodreads is a social book cataloging app, a subsidiary of Amazon that allows users to add books to their personal bookshelves, rate and review books, get recommendations, and connect with other readers. This article will critique the design of the app based on the usability concepts mentioned in Don Norman’s Design of Everyday Things. …

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Assistive Technology:

Revolutionizing Transcription and Note-Taking with AI and Accessibility is a transcription and note-taking platform using artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe spoken content into written text automatically. It makes it easier for individuals and businesses to capture and organize spoken information during meetings, interviews, lectures, and other verbal interactions. When I first encountered and …

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Design Critique: DoorDash (iOS App)

DoorDash is the largest platform for online food ordering and food delivery in the United States. This platform allows the user to search for restaurants and stores, view menus and ratings, add items to the cart, and place orders for delivery or pick up.