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Design Critique: The Domino’s App (iOS)

Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the US and the world over. They are industry leaders in terms of innovation, marketing, supply chain management and coming up with innovative campaigns such as the recent ‘Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery’ service that delivers pizza to you anywhere you like, without requiring your address.This along with their market position and popularity should ideally mean they have an extremely efficient, user friendly and responsive website and app interface.And through this design critique, I shed light on some key usability issues I noticed in the Domino‘s app interface.

MiMu Glove on an open hand facing downward with a logo superimposed underneath

Assistive Technology: MiMu Gloves

Utilizing spatial sensors in the fabric of the gloves and on the cuff of the wrist, wearers can map sounds and instruments to specific gestures and movements. For musicians with disabilities that can affect their ability to play instruments, MiMu’s gloves widen the range of access to music making by linking those instruments to gestures.

Design Critique: Resy (iOS App)

Introduction Resy is a digital platform that allows users to seamlessly reserve tables at restaurants or tickets to events/experiences. The platform provides restaurant details, menu highlights, images, and user ratings – all of which enhance the reservation experience. This article critiques the Resy App using the principles mentioned in Don Norman’s “The Design of Everyday …

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Design Critique: The Amtrak App (IOS)

Introduction: Amtrak is an application that mainly serves for customers looking to purchase tickets, check train statuses, and manage users’ travel plans with America’s national railroad service. This critique focuses on the application’s user experience based on Don Norman’s design principles as outlined in his book “The Design of Everyday Things”. As a frequent user …

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Picture of Pinterest homepage

Design Critique: Pinterest (Desktop version)

Pinterest is a social media platform where users can discover and save ideas for various interests such as recipes, home decor, fashion, and more. The desktop version of Pinterest provides a user-friendly interface with features like creating boards, searching for ideas, and exploring content based on categories.

Homepage of the redesigned website and logo of Witness to Mass Incarceration

Towards greater impact and more support for Formerly Incarcerated People: WITNESS to Mass Incarceration Website Redesign

Duration: Sep – Dec 2023Team members: Cici Lin, Jennie Lin, Keyi Zhang, Nehal Sharma Project Overview WITNESS for Mass Incarceration (WITNESS) is an organisation aimed to support Formerly Incarcerated People (FIP). It is dedicated to transforming the lives of FIP by advocating for long-term solutions, fostering economic empowerment, and building generational wealth. Following extensive research, …

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Enhancing growth and engagement for New York Microscopical Society

Project Overview The New York Microscopical Society (NYMS) was founded in1877 by leaders of the American Museum of Natural History. Their mission is to promote theoretical and practical phases of microscopy for all of those interested, including people who have worked with microscopes for decades and those new to the field. The client was looking …

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