Assistive Technology: Portable translators

Most standalone translators are designed along the lines of translating what you’re hearing (or saying) in real-time by just pressing one button. Since this is a product that only does one thing- translate, to make it straightforward and easy to use, most devices have a minimum screen or no screen, with only one or two buttons, a mic for input and a speaker for output.

The Design Handoff Tool – Zeplin

Having a successful handoff is a critical part of creating a great product. To reduce the friction between designers and developers, we can use the help of automated design handoff tools. We are going to take a closer look at one of the most commonly used design handoff tools—Zeplin.

Typographic Accessibility: Design Your Type

As written language is taking up the majority space of a web or app interface, one of the most achievable ways of boosting the usability and accessibility of your digital product is to design your type thoroughly. Legibility vs. Readability Although the accessibility in typography is not an exact science, there are two elements designers …

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Design Critique: Guides by Lonely Planet (iOS App)

The travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet released its compact travel guide mobile application in 2016, packed with offline maps, must-see sights, neighborhood guides, audio phrase books, and top advice from on-the-ground editors of 243 cities (as of Version 1.14.0 updated on Jan. 30. 2019)