Author name: Ran Hao

Assistive Technology: Portable translators

Most standalone translators are designed along the lines of translating what you’re hearing (or saying) in real-time by just pressing one button. Since this is a product that only does one thing- translate, to make it straightforward and easy to use, most devices have a minimum screen or no screen, with only one or two buttons, a mic for input and a speaker for output.

The Design Handoff Tool – Zeplin

Having a successful handoff is a critical part of creating a great product. To reduce the friction between designers and developers, we can use the help of automated design handoff tools. We are going to take a closer look at one of the most commonly used design handoff tools—Zeplin.

Design Critique: Guides by Lonely Planet (iOS App)

The travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet released its compact travel guide mobile application in 2016, packed with offline maps, must-see sights, neighborhood guides, audio phrase books, and top advice from on-the-ground editors of 243 cities (as of Version 1.14.0 updated on Jan. 30. 2019)